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Cherry Blossom Valleys in Yunnan Province

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Yunnan Province is praised as the most beautiful scenic province of China and is famous for its diverse ethnic minority groups and unique culture. Throughout the year there is breathtaking scenery from the fantastic Yuanyang Rice Terraces to the wonderful golden rapeseed flower fields of Luoping the sightseeing is always one to remember. Though for tourists who are looking to visit somewhere to admire some magical natural scenery taking a trip to Tengchong Cherry Blossom Valley and Wuliang Mountain Cherry Blossom Valley will certainly make your day! 

Tengchong Cherry Blossom Valley 


Tengchong Cherry Blossom Valley is a part of Gaoligong Mountain Reserve which is a member of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve. You can see the Cherry Blossoms twice a year once in spring and once during autumn. The Cherry Blossom Valley is in full bloom around March and in autumn they should bloom between November and December. Whilst in Tengchong you can also make a visit to Tengchong Hotspring and Heshun Ancient Town. 

Dali Wuliang Mountain Cherry Blossoms 


Wuliang is a large mountain range located in the center of Yunnan. Its peaks reach altitudes over 3,000 meters where the tea gardens are at high altitudes and some at about 2,000 meters. The area around Jingdong town, in the center of Wuliang, is famous for its black tea and Pu-erh tea. Tea plantations, natural tea gardens, small patches of ancient tea gardens and vast forests of wild tea trees can all be found in Wuliang Mountain. The Cherry Blossom trees are dotted around the tea plantations adding splashes of pink across the green plantations. 

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