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China’s Magical Chicken Island

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The Chicken Island is in the South China Sea, China's largest fishing base in Guangdong, the largest dive resort. The sea water around the island is 6 to 12 meters deep, the visibility of which is 8 meters. The island is a beautiful and magic tourist area for diving. Here you can also see spectacular sea and more colorful seabed.Lush greenery, bird habitat and crystal clear spring waters are among the natural features found near the island.The best time traveling around is from May to October and the best time for diving is Midday. It is suitable for youth who like sea sports and their families to spend holidays.


Chicken Island
is also called Releasing Chicken Island. Legend has it that the island used to be full of bad spirits and many caterpillars that would ruin all of the islands vegetation. Then, one day a farmer came along and had the idea to put a bunch of chickens around the island, which got rid of the bad spirits and bugs and they lived happily ever after! It was said that people of any sea boat traveling by the island has to release one chicken on the island to pray for their safety. Therefore it is called Chicken Island.So far the only chickens I've seen on this island are the plastic touristy sculptures and the dead ones at the dinner table though.


Entertainment World in Chicken Island has been open to tourists formally. There are activities like diving, seawater bathroom, skiing, motorboat, pulling umbrella, sea fishing, etc.
If you travel to the islandon lunar August 15, you will see many green turtles swim to the island and lay eggs into the sand beach. Soon after, turtle babies will hatch with resort to the heat of sunlight, and climb into the sea and live there. The turtle is a symbol of longevityin the eyes of Chinese. So, to travel the island is believed to bring you happiness and health.

In the shallow area, the water flow is relatively smooth, and a group of large reefs are scattered on the sea bottom. There are a lot of marine living things, such as deer-horn coral, mushroom coral, sea cypress, sea fan, soft red coral and some small fishes. Tourists can stroll among the corals with a glas helment, just like astronauts walking on the moon or floating in the space.
The Island itself is quite beautiful and unique in its own way. My favorite thing about Chicken Island is scuba divingin the water area. Here, I can fly among cliffs like birds, stand at the foot of cliffs to enjoy marvelous spectacle, or pass through the seaweed forests that grow on the cliffs. It requires divers have courage to dive in the sea, but all of them are proud of such an exploration experience.

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