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China’s Dead Sea – Yuncheng Salt Lake

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Yuncheng Salt Lake, located in the south of Shanxi Province, southwest of Yuncheng, northern foothills, is a rare set of cultural, fitness, travel, entertainment and recreation as one of the tourist destination. Renowned as the "dead sea" of China, Yuncheng Salt Lake consists of two floating zones and a mud zone with a total area of about 132 square kilometers.

Yuncheng Salt Lake has 4000 years salt production history, it in the southwest of Yuncheng city and the largest lake in Shanxi Province.The Salt Lake is an ancient typical inland saltwater lake, it forms dating back about 500 million years ago, during the early Cenozoic Era; it covers an area of 120 square kilometers.It is the world's third largest sodium sulphate inland lake. Around the Salt Lake derives stunning cultural landscape. Built in the Tang dynasty the Yanchi temple, admirable Guan Gong temple, the largest Mo Temple — temple, Sima Wen Gongci, Yongle Palace murals, universalist Temple, Yellow River tractor, puzhou Ferries sites, etc. as pearl embellishment in Salt Lake surrounding. As for natural scenery here, known as the “Chinese Dead Sea”, calm surface together with rich green hills forms a piece of appealing drawing in Salt Lake. Thanks to its high density of salt, tourists can float over the lake and enjoy the sunshine.

In addition, taking a black mud bath will be a good idea when you visit Salt lake. The black mud on the bed of Yuncheng Salt Lake contains seven kinds of major elements and sixteen kinds of minor elements. The black mud can renew and beautify the skin. According to the research, the Dead Sea black mud to the chloride salt lake of black mud while the sulfate-based, both are rich in mineral elements beneficial to the human body.

Mineral elements in the mud will stimulate the skin to produce functional behavior, such as to produce oil and water, and help blood and grease into the surface of the skin to produce a protective effect. The obvious beauty and skin treatment has drive more and more tourists to schedule their Salt Lake tour.

Besides, beautiful Glauber's salt crystals was discovered in Yuncheng Saline Lake recently. Experts say Glauber's salt, under certain temperatures, agglomerate on the leaves of grass and wood to form crystals. But Glauber's salt crystals in large areas are a rare sight. The winter chill created a wonderful scenery, crystals of Glauber's salt, in the city of Yuncheng in north China's Shanxi Province of late. The prismatic crystals gathered on the Salt Lake in the city amazed the residents and amateur photographers who came to enjoy the creation of nature. Browse the picture of Glauber’s salt crystals online, and you will get amazed by the pure beauty merely through the 2D picture, not to mention seeing them on spot.

In salt lake, people can not only enjoy the Dead Sea black mud bath and salt water floating, you can also enjoy the scenery of Salt Lake scenery, explore the mystery of China salt culture to improve cultural literacy in an amusement.

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