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China‘s Snow Town- A Winter Trip to the Romantic Kingdom in the Pure White World

 2018-01-08    Selina Ou    Tours    Mudanjiang    10654  

Always doing the right thing at the right time to find the right beauty in life and get the right amount of happiness. This theory also works when it comes to traveling. You visit scenic spots where you can enjoy beautiful colorful flowers in spring, green mountains and clear water at cool attractions at the summer and golden birches and red maples for an autumn tour. As for winter, never miss out snow, charming snow scenery and exciting snow entertainment are the primary choices for winter trips. Today, let's get a trip to find the fairyland in the pure white world of China Snow Town.


Snow Town, also known as Xuexiang in Chinese, is situated within the Dahailin Forest Bureau in Mudangjiang City, northeast of Heilongjiang Province in China. It was originally known as the name of Shuangfeng Forest Farm and now is noted as the first hometown of snow in China. It lies about 105 kilometers away from Changting Township and 280 kilometers from Harbin City. Snow Town has a forest area of 500 hectares and is seated at an elevation of 1,500 meters above the sea level. Snow Town has a snow period as long as 7 months in a year and a snow thickness as deep as 2 meters. 

When snow period comes, there are layers of layers snow covering the whole town. Roofs of the dwelling houses are covered with thick snow to form different shapes alongside with the near snow drifts. Some like huge mushrooms, some like running horses, some like sleeping rabbits, and some like cute turtles... You can see blooming ice flower in the early winter, layers of milky snow inlaid in the forest and freezing rimes hanging on the trees when in deep winter, and melting and trickling ice rimes at the early of spring. Especially when Spring Festival, every single house in Snow Town become unique scenery. Hot red lanterns hanging in front of the house, pure snow in the roof, smoke winding upward from the chimney, pine trees and the crystal snow mountain as the background, people inside the house are happily celebrating the festival, the outside world shining under the colorful fireworks. No one could resist this enchanting beauty at this fairyland.


Highlights of Snow Town

Ski resort at Snow Town
Enjoy the ultra fun and excitements of skiing in the ski resort at snow town. Flying down from the mountain top in your colorful suits, riding s sledge pulled by a horse or dog, getting a fast thrilling ride at the snowmobile, make your own snowman, or a snowball fight.

Enjoy sunrise at Yangcao Mountain

Yangcao Mountain has the highest point at Snow Town. Therefore it has the best view for enjoy the beauty of sunrise at Snow Town. Enjoy the different snow view

Snow Town Studio City

Several famous TV series were shot here in the background of those special and unique sceneries in the Snow Town Studio City. The cabins, silver birches, racecourses, bandits’ lairs, trestles, stilted houses, these articles form a primitive cultural customs. And then form unique scenery of different shapes and postures under the work of heavy snow and wind.

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