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Chinese Popcorn Machine

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Most people love to eat popcorn, which can be easily seen and sold in the cinemas, supermarkets, and the food streets.

It’s the popcorn machine that to make popcorn. There are several types of popcorn machines: old-fashioned cannon hand popcorn machine, desktop hand popcorn machine, luxury commercial popcorn machine, electric popcorn machine, and single pan popcorn machine etc.

Among these various popcorn machines, the old-fashioned cannon hand popcorn machine is one of Chinese old popcorn popper, which can be easily founded in the past, though it is rare to see right now.

Just as the following picture show:
Dimensions: 72x19x29 (cm)
Weight: 19 kg
Capacity: two or three whopping cups of popcorn

It is very easy to make popcorn by using this popcorn machine. Although looks like bomb, it is essentially a pressure vessel that really is meant to just pop popcorn! Light the fire and rotate the pressure vessel, several minutes later, when the pressure is enough, turn off the frame, put a big bag at the end of the machine to pack the popcorn, and flick the switch where a sudden release should pop the corn. Done! Well, it's so easy to make the popcorn! 

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