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Chocolate Happy Land in Shanghai (Part 1)

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For all chocoholics out there you will be happy to know that in Shanghai there is a Chocolate Wonderland that has some of the most amazing chocolate works of art! In the West we’ve all heard of Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and how Willy Wonka had an amazing Chocolate world within his factory. Well now in reality you too can visit an amazing Chocolate world without a golden ticket! 

The Chocolate Happy Land is located at the Shanghai World Expo where 8 of the pavilions were rebuilt for the theme park which occupies 30,000 square meters. Once you enter the theme land you are greeted with the aroma of chocolate! There are 7 themed areas within the chocolate land.

Chocolate Empire

The Chocolate Empire is one of the most spectacular areas with an Islamic themed chocolate castle which is made from 98 tons of dark chocolate and 60 tons of milk chocolate. Within the empire you will also spy the statues of David and Venus and of course they too are made of 100% chocolate. What’s more you will be amazed by 8 meter “Bread Painting” of Mona Lisa and Marilyn Monroe, the paintings are made of 3,000 slices of toast! You can also see great European structures the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Chocolate form.

5,000 Year China Exhibition
This part of the theme land is dedicated to the history of China. The works of art here are made not only of Chocolate but bread, candy and biscuits. This area is divided into 5 sections, the areas exhibit the Imperial culture of China, bronze articles, Chinese porcelain and Jade, folk culture and famous historical figures. One of the highlights is the 5 meter 9 Dragon Wall which was made using 19 tons of white chocolate and involved skilled carving. There is also a miniature replica of the Forbidden City made completely of egg whites and flours and is the one and only in the world.

Sweet Eden
The Sweet Garden of Eden is made of 60 tons of chocolate and even has a chocolate waterfall and a bridge made of candy. In the Sweet Garden of Eden you will experience all four seasons and you will be surprised with all the adorable chocolate animals and the optic fiber grass and flowers that glow in the sweet garden! 

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