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Chongqing Yuzhong Area Travel Guide

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Chongqing has several nicknames such as “the stove”, “the city of mountain”, and “the fog city”. It has the night scene comparable to that in the Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong; it is famous for its numerous pretty ladies.

The main scenic spots in Chongqing are located in Yuzhong Area and Shapingba Area. In Yuzhong Area, there is the symbol of Chongqing: Jiefangbei. Not far away, there are Hongyadong and Chaotianmen Square. Jiefangbei is a commercial center and it is also a hotspot for pretty ladies. People come to see the beautiful girls of Chongqing. Hongyadong and Chaotianmen Square are famous for their nightlight. Nearby the city government building is the People Square. It is a leisure place for the locals. People’s Great Hall and Sanxia Museum are on each side of the People Square. People’s Great Hall resembles the Heaven Altar.

Sightseeing route: Jiefangbei – Hongyadong – Chaotianmen Square – People’s Great Hall – Sanxia Museum

If you still have some time left and some energy to spend, you can go to the Huguanghuiguan.

Jiefangbei is 27.5 meters tall. The construction of the building was finished in March 12, 1940, which is the memorial day of Mr. Sun Yat-sen. The surrounding of Jiefangbei has now become the busiest commercial center of Chongqing. Skyscrapers, departments, theaters, book shops, hotels and restaurants all gather here. This is a nice place for tourists to try out local food, shop for souvenirs, at the meantime, meet some beautiful Chongqiong ladies.

Chaotianmen Square is a great place to observe the Jialing River and Long River. At the left side of Chaotianmen Square, you can see many branches of Jialing River running into the Long River, joining force the already turbulent Long River. The clear water of the Jialing River meets the muddy water of Long River which creates a spectacular scenery. There are ferries you can ride on the dock of Chaotianmen.

Shibati literally means “eighteen ladders”. People divide the city into the upper city and the lower city because Chongqing is a city on the mountain. Shibati is a small street connecting the two parts in the old days. The street is a history book to let you experience what a mountain city Chongqing truly is and used to be. The Shibati was paved with stone steps. In the old day, the upper city was where the markets located and the commercial activities happened while the lower part lived common people. On both sides of the Shibati, there are small businesses such as earpicking shop, shoe fixing shop, tailor shop, and baked roll shop. You can also find people playing Mahjong. What you see here is the genuine life of the old Chongqingers. 

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