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Climbing Mount Tai- One of the “Five Great Mountains”

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I always had a special feeling for mountains, especially when you get to the top and look down everything from up above, all my worries can go away at the moment. My dad used to take me go climbing when I was a little girl. Everything has changed since I grew up, high pressure at work, limited off time, go climbing mountains become a luxury for me.

After a long period of working overtime, finally I got a week off. Hooray! How could I waste it? Go climbing mountains was the very first thing that popped in my head. The next question is which place to go. I had climbed all the mountains in the city so I planned to go somewhere new. I checked online for best destination for a while, then I spoke to myself Mountain Tai it is! I packed a small backpack then just hit the road. It was about an hour drive from my rented department.

The famous philosopher Confucius once said, “Wise people love water, kind people like mountain,” for the reason that wise people usually have an active mind like flowing water, however kind people are more calm like stationary mountain. Maybe that's why I love mountains so much, I thought to myself. Just when my mind was still wandering, the bus just arrived to my destination.

I hopped off from the bus and stretched my arms and back. Looking from Mountain Tai from the distance, it seemed like a fairy, shy and vague, waiting for being worshipped. Time to start my long-desired climbing! All the mountains started with the same-the endless stone stairs. But those stairs on Mountain Tai were even harder to step on, my legs were getting sore after 30 minutes climbing. I was even thinking about taking ropeway. I took a short rest and continued climbing.

“The Middle Heaven Gate” was the first hot spot I came across. It was in the middle of mountainside and was always covered with green forests all year around. The air was getting fresh from here. Then I kept going, about one hour later, I got to the most challenge part of the whole trip- “The Eighteen Turns”, my tour guide told me it got the name because it's very dangerous and extremely hard to climb. Looking from distance, it looked pretty majestic but apparently my feet didn't think so. Before I came to the half of those stairs, my feet stopped moving. I had to find a big rock to rest a little bit.

It was almost nightfall when I reached the mountain top. An overwhelming joy was filled with my heart. Local people had a really nice name for it-Jade Emperor Peak. Ancient Chinese used to worship god from up here. Maybe that's why it got such name. There's also a temple that's named after it. Numerous people came to the top and made their wishes about different stuff, you could see the faith on their faces.

You couldn't miss sunrise seeing if you came to mountain Tai. So I went to sleep very early that night so I wouldn't be missing the sunrise in the morning. The weather was very good, how lucky! I woke up at 5am and headed to the Sun Viewing Peak. About When I saw the sun was rising up bit by bit, I was already stunned from head to toe by the stunning view.

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