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Colorful Lijiang

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Today, I will introduce you a place where the weather is mild neither too hot nor too cold all the year around. And you can not only enjoy the splendid scenery but view the local music and dancing show. Not only satisfied your eyes but your tongue and stomach. This place is LiJiang which is in Yunan province, southwest of China.

Lijiang, a pleasing shining jewel on the Northwest Yunnan Plateau neighboring the southeast side of the Tibetan Plateau, is always regarded as “Roof of the world” in many people’s mind. The scenery and lush vegetation is so impressive. A town, a mountain and a lake are the main tourist attractions in LiJiang, they are LiJiang ancient town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Lugu Lake respectively.

Lijiang Ancient Town

This old town is the original minority ethnic town that also called Dayan Town. LiJiang, itself is a window into China’s past. The museums, temples and ethnic minorities the tourist spot here may usually give us visitors a cultural experience. While taking the trip in Lijiang, Square Street, Great Stone Bridge, Bar Street and Mus residence are the four wonderful places you must go. Entertainment in this old town will never let you down. As the dawn arriving, various unique activities will be played. After you watch these activities, I assure that you are going to have a profound understanding of the mysterious cultures practiced by the local ethnic groups.

Except knowing the local conditions and customs, local delicious special food is worth tasting. LiJiang is a place blessed with tender climate, resulting a variety of natural sources and agriculture products in the region. The Naxi people have lived here for generations to generations. Their dishes are a must to try if you are visiting there.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

After knowing human landscape and special local cultures, let’s go to appreciate the natural splendor.
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the lowest latitude snow mountain in south area. No one has ever ascent to the top of this mountain so far. It is the kamiyama of Naxi people and known as the snow mountain of sentimentalism culture. At the foot of this snow mountain there is a place named Ganhaizi. It is an ideal place to take photos for the tall majestical snow covered mountain background. Every spring, with the warm and tender sunshine, all the trees and flowers are flourishing. When you are here, you will be infected by its strength and vitality and feel full of energetic and vigorous.

The youthful spirit makes you keep in a good mood and be more positive and confident. From the green land to the snow line covered with very different flowers and plants such as orchid, wild peony, snow lotus, Ynnan pine, snow pine, fir, chestnut, etc. You can also have a lot of fun in the Glacier Garden and in the Golf course here.

Lugu Lake

As a deep lake, Lugu Lake is surrounded by high mountains and dotted with some islets. It is at a high elevation of 2,685 meters or 8,809feet in the high mountains that are on the boarders of Sichuan, Yunan and Tibet. However, the road from LiJiang to this lake is an adventure; it will take about 6 hours by a car in good conditions to get there. May be it is a long and arduous journey, while you arrive there you will be aborted by the fairyland-liked space and forget all tiredness. Birds are flying over the lake and sometimes prey on fishes in the lake. Rowing a small boat on this peaceful lake, enjoying the mellow breeze and breathing the clear and fresh air are both good choices. How do you think about this way to relax?

Lijiang is a charming place which you want to go but you don’t want to leave. The whether, the scenery, the culture, the people, the snacks, etc are all so nice and perfect. Believe it or not, go there have a try!

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