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Colorful Pools in Dragon Mountain

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Maybe you have had a wonderful dream as I made, there was a splendid mountain, and on the peak of the mountain, there was a magical pool, when you stared into the water, much to your surprise, the water is colorful, it has five colors, the bright red, warm yellow, cool blue, fine green and even sharp purple. But when I woke up, I looked into the sea water, which was blue and green only. Have you thought about what if one day this was not a dream but real, will you be thrilled or just laugh at me? Well, my dear buddies, please come with me, let us travel to Dragon Mountain in Sichuan, a place near the noted Jiuzai Ditch, to make our dream come true.

Thousands of Colorful Water pools

When you reach there, to begin with, you will be surprised by thousands of water pools, some are big and some are small, which are like the magic pocket filled with unveiled mysteries to color up your sight of view. Just look around, you will feel the incredible beauty of the natural. Mother natural is the best creator in this world. Through the smiling sunshine, the water is dancing happily with different colors, which is so amazing that you almost want take your turn to enjoy the great party. What’s more, the shining points make the water pools look like the precious shiny diamond lying on the colorful ground, that’s a fabulous sight for you to catch and could never forget how magical it is.  

Sometimes all kinds of water pools look like the cooking plate, presenting us with mouthwatering food. Some water pools are very shallow and when you dare to come close to it and use your fingers to touch it, you can even touch the very beneath of the pool, which is much to your astonishment. Take a careful look, you will see the water pools are set apart by golden sand, in this way, thousands of pools can be made and connected by these thoughtful circles, all pools are close but have their own zone to be characterized by different colors. And the pool shapes are so funny, this one looks like the half-moon, that one looks like the plate, that one reminds us of the lotus in blooming and so on. Here is a place to set your imagination free, it’s really wonderful!

What Makes It Incredibly Wonderful

You might have the same mind to wonder about its making, yes, it's too unbelievable, even beyond our best imagination, is it the real magic art? Considering that all pool water comes from the same source, but the source water will be color changed when they run into different pools. What’s more, some water pools presents more than one color, it is divided into several sections, the up part is brown the color, while the down is the lemon yellow, the left side shows the blue color, and the right side is the green color.

Oh, my god! You cannot wait to catch a palm of pool water to check it out, but all you see is only clean water with any colors. In fact, the magic lies inside the bed of the pools, there are many stalagmites living below in all kinds of shapes, some looks like the interesting hills, some looks like the sharp tower, and some looks like the group of corals. The stalagmite surface is covered with a layer of thin and transparent stone powder, in this way, when the sunshine warmly meet the stalagmite, the stalagmite will quickly kindly smile back at the sun to create the dreamlike colorful atmosphere. The trees around the pools grow greatly, especially with the colorful reflection. These pool mirrors can show us the most charming faces in the world.

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