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Commune by the Great Wall

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Modern Art and Architecture
 The Commune by the Great Wall is a private  collection of contemporary architecture and boutique hotel near the Badaling  section of the Great Wall in Beijing. The Commune is comprised of 12 private  villas designed by 12 leading Asian architects. Each villa is an architectural  masterpiece with unique structure and theme. From the Bamboo Wall House to  Suitcase House, each villa has a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms  and bathrooms nestled in a valley by the Great Wall. The commune was exhibited  at the 2002 la Biennale di Venezia and bestowed a special prize.

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Private Path to the Great Wall
 Apart from the modern art and architecture,  another great highlight of the Commune is its private access to a section of  the Badaling Great wall. Badaling is the site of the most visited section of  the Great Wall which provides imposing views of the walls, mountains and  valleys. Guests staying at the Commune will be able to see a private part of  the great wall which has no tourists. You will do a short hike through the  woods before getting there, and then you can enjoy a remarkably quiet part of  the Great Wall only to yourself. Do not miss the sunset on the Great Wall, the  whole scene is breathtaking. A truly unique experience.




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Courtyard Restaurant
 After the hike and sightseeing, enjoy your  meal time at the Courtyard Restaurant. The Courtyard Restaurant offers a warm  and comfortable dinning atmosphere, as well as a gourmet style dining  experience. It serves a range of exquisite and tasteful Chinese or western  cuisines. Also a bar and three private rooms are included, each with a private  garden en suite. The Terrace Lounge is another wonderful spot to grab a bite  while taking in the beautiful mountain views. 

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