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Congren Valley Scenic Spot of Sichuan

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Congren Valley Scenic Spot is located in the northern section of Huaying Mountain, about 26 kilometers to the eastern part of Qu County town in Dazhou city in Sichuan province. The tourist attraction covers an area of about 41 square kilometers.


Congren Valley Scenic Spot is known throughout the world for its fantastic mountain, clear water, secluded caves, beautiful valley, cascading waterfalls, crystal lakes, the bubbling spring, grotesque rocks, ancient plank road as well as luxuriant woods, which is said to be small Jiuzhaigou in eastern Sichuan. Congren Valley Scenic Spot is regarded as AAAA rated national scenic area, the provincial-level scenery district and the provincial-level forest park.


The scenic area is about 1000 meters above sea level, with forest coverage reaching 95%. There're many landscapes within the scenic spot, which had gathered the cave scenery, rock scenery, cliff landscape, waterfall landscape, air landscape and cultural sights merging into one organic whole. Moreover, some of the scenes are blessed with its exceptional characteristics.


The cave landscape was concentrated within the territory of Laolong village of Qu County. Depending on preliminary investigations by concerned parties, there're over 60 karst caves of all shapes and sizes, which displayed on the surface of the earth with the formation of sinkholes. There's one cave in one door, and these caves are totally different.


There're small interlinked caves between the caves. The large water-eroded cave with Chinese rare and unique cave system is named Chinese representative of Karst Natural Cave Museum due to its individuality, variety and completeness. Laolong cave is of the largest scale with the wonderful features. The entrance to the cave is 20 meters high and 30 meters wide and about 1000 meters long.


There're subsurface streams and subterranean lakes in the caves where people could go boating and row out on the lake. The impetuous torrent of water is surging forward with great momentum, breaking over the rocks and cliffs of the caves, with the thundering soar. Stalagmites of various sizes and shapes are rising up like tree-trunks to meet the stalactites that suspended from the roof of the cave.


The hanging-wall is a huge rock with fine capillary holes through which water keeps dripping down as with a water clock. There's the celestial cave with the height of about 500 meters, which spiraled up the rock step by step to arrive at the top. The scenic spot was covered with strange stones and picturesque rocks, which can be found everywhere and present an infinite variety of shapes.


Among which one of the most remarkable one is the frog rock in a platform under the Guanyin cliff. The frog rock is about 3 meters high, shaped like one huge frog in high spirits and in vivid shapes. It's truly a masterpiece, on a scale far greater than anything that we had experienced before. Visitors could give expression of emotion to maintain and rock to pursue lofty and independent personality, and find pleasure in it, which is a magnet for visitors who could linger on with no thought of leaving.

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