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Cuandixia - China’s Best Kept Secret

 2014-03-19    Jenny Huang    Sights    Beijing    4846  

There are lot more attractive tourist destination in China than the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China and many more, which are easily browsed though any tourist guide service centers. These little known places are less crowded and indeed develop your travel instincts. The splurge of the nature’s beauty is splendid.These places will definitely give you a taste of the rich culture of China and are yet to be discovered by the international tourists. The village of Cuandixiais a great place to visit if you are willing to get off the normal tourist track.

Cuandixia is a very beautiful place and is a few hours journey from Beijing in Mentougou District. The village is of traditional style and is a collection of more than five hundred courtyard homes of Ming and Xing dynasty. This village is known for its natural beauty and its architecture. It gives you a foretaste of the old-style rural life. So, if you want to take a break from the skyscrapers and the bustling, crowded cities, this is the best place for you.

Sharp staircases and stone paved lanes describe best the design and architecture of this village. The tourists can also stay at these houses and rest on the Kang bed which is warmed beneath from coal. These homes are now turned into guest houses and also food to the tourists.

The village of Cuandixia is a topic of attraction for many painters and photographers. The village is surrounded by mountains and if you like adventure, trekking can be a good option. You can also have traditional food in any courtyard restaurants which are delicious.


The village was found in Myng Dynasty by the members of the Han clan. They moved here from the Shanxi Province. The legend says that a villager called Han Shoude, who looked exactly like the king of Kangxi, became a monk under the king and built through imperial funding, many of these courtyards. Cuandixia flourished during Qing dynasty by trading in grain, fur and coal.

How to Get There

You can arrange a car from Beijing which may cost you up to US$123 approximately for a complete day and takes three hours to reach the village. As a cheap alternative, you can also have the subway to Pingguoyuan and from there hire a cab for Cuandixia or catch bus number 929 from Pingguoyuan. If the group is of more than four people, hiring a van seems like the best option.

In this busy world, all that we need is a moment of happiness and some time away from the crowded and the populated cities. Visiting the village of Cuandixia is like going back in time. You can visit the Forbidden City, climb the Great Wall of China and roam the busy streets of Shanghai. But if you want to visit a place different and want to experience peace, you should visit this village. It is indeed, one of the best kept secrets of China waiting to charm you.

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