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Cultural Square Changchun – Most Significant Public Gathering Place

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The Cultural Square is in fact evolved from Dizhigong Square which is the biggest open area located in the city of Changchun. Particularly, it is situated in the core region of city and covers a total area of twenty and half hectares. When considering the historical significance, this square was the most significant public gathering place where puppet Manchukuo regime was conducted. The major road from north to south runs from the middle portion of the Xinminzhu Street into the main building in square, which becomes the main axis line with about four hundred and twenty meters long. Near to the exit region of the square, there is a sunbird statue. At the northern side, there is one open-air music forum which has a ten thousand square-meter area. It is in the front of square’s main building that traverses in east-west main road. In northern end, there is Dizhigong main building.

Beautiful layouts

Every road in the cultural square is laid with good granite stones which created a steady, solemn and natural impression. Along the square at either sides of road, grass as well as flowers is well planted. This will cover a total area of forty square meters. Nearly three thousand pigeons can be seen in cultural square, which provides a life to it. This largest city square in the Changchun city was constructed in the year 1996. It does stretch to the Dongmin Main Street in its eastern side, and neighbors the Jiefang Road in southern side. In western side, it is bordered by Minzhu Street and is close to the Jilin University in northern side. The sunbird sculpture is very large.

Second largest cultural square in China

People from different parts of the world visit the cultural square. The main purposes are to enjoy the natural beauty and also to know more on the Chinese art and culture. After Tian’anmen, Cultural Square is second largest across the globe. In northern side of the cultural square, the royal earlier new palace of famous Manchukuo emperor stands and it faces the former Manchukuo State Council as well as Military Affairs buildings soundly. Ethe former twentieth century. The Culture Square is well known among the local residents who ach of these buildings has adopted the Japanese architectural style in love to fly kites at the spots, relax and feed the lovely pigeons and a pleasant chat by enjoying the awesome sunshine.

Travel Tips

One can visit the cultural square in Changchun City during any season – summer, winter, autumn or spring. The climatic conditions are always favorable to have a visit. It is free to visit this spot. The regular bus and taxi services are very active to help the travelers coming to cultural square from various parts of China and abroad. One can take the bus with specific numbers – 229, 264, 221 and 256. You may get down at the Cultural Square stop. It is a must see spot. Never miss to visit Cultural Square in Changchun. 

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