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Culture Trip To Yueyang

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Wandering by the bank of grand Dongting lake with all worries left far behind, it’s a moment about getting in touch with Yueyang’s profound culture deposite. Yueyang's real charm rests with human cultural relics as well as the natural landscape.

In ancient times Yueyang was called 'Baling or Yuezhou' and is a historic and cultural city with a long history of more than 2,500 years. Located at the northeast of Hunan Province, neighboring Jiangxi Province in the east and Hubei Province in the north, it was a hinterland of military importance during the past dynasties. Nowadays, renowned for so many historic interests, the city is ranked as one of the 'China's Top Tourism Destinations'.

From a cultural aspect, the Miluo River is worthy of a visit because it is the place where the story about 'Qu Yuan (339BC-278 BC) Drowning in the Miluo River' happened. Though it’s not the right time for Dragon boat racing, which is said to have begun in Yueyang and tourists should try and visit during the Dragon Boat Festival on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month (June or July) to enjoy the festive atmosphere as the crowds cheer on the rowers, the cultural and natural beauty of Yueyang still lures millions of visitors, such as the well-known Yueyang Pavilion.

The well-known Yueyang Pavilion is one of the three famous pavilions in South China. China's second largest freshwater lake Dongting Lake is a good tourist destination. On the lake is located an island called Junshan Hill and is also a good tourist resort. The city's most famous attraction is the Yueyang

Yueyang Tower is an ancient Chinese tower in Yueyang. Alongside the Pavilion of Prince Teng and Yellow Crane Tower, it is one of the Three Great Towers of Jiangnan. It has long enjoyed the reputation of being the "first tower under heaven", as the Dongting Lake is known as the "first water under heaven." Standing on the tower, one can gaze at the distant view of the mists and ripples of the Dongting Lake, with boats sailing on the vast lake. In Fan's essay “Remarks of Yueyang Tower”, he described the wonderful scenery, and wrote the famous lines of one should be the first to bear hardship, and the last to enjoy comforts, indicating his concerns for the country and people. His words won the tower great fame, and have been deeply rooted in the Chinese people's mind from generation to generation. After numerous renovations, the current structure was rebuilt in 1867 in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Of course, if you are hungry, you can find places for delicious dishes. Donting Lake is appreciated as the “hometown of rice and fish”, so prepare your stomach well for the delicious food there. The area is prolific in natural resources due to its rich soil: this area is the agricultural products base for producing high-quality grain, cotton, pigs, fish etc. The agricultural by-products like organic tea, organically grown vegetables and high-quality fruit, Dongting Lake shrimp sell well on the market. These items are anything other than what you’ve seen in supermarkets or restaurants. You’ll be happy here!

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