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Culture & History the Yueyang Tower

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As i said, every magnificent Tower or building has its own culture and history. Because of every great architecture must built by the greatest architect, and this building has been through so many years including wars, but it is still there as usual, nothing Change except for the time and visitors.

The Yueyang tower has its own culture too, such as there is an ancient style prose on the wall inside of the Yueyng tower. And this ancient style prose written by one of the greatest poet of China who is named Zhongyan Fan. The name of the ancient style prose is” Yueyang Lou Ji”, and this article is very famous in nowadays, every Chinese has read this article.

Yueyang Lou Ji

The Yueyang Tower became world-famous is at the Earlier Song Dynasty.
Four years of Qingli periods (1044), there was an imperial official has been degraded to Yuezhou by false accusation. After he arrived this city, he plan to rebuild the Yueyang Tower ( according to the ancient book records, these money for rebuilding this Tower is from the civilian who in debt). In the second year after this official arrived, he was starting to rebuild the Yueyang Tower, and he invites contemporary famous poet to write this “Yueyang Lou Ji” on the wall inside of the Yueyang Tower. After rebuilt, this Tower became more spectacular. Therefore the history experts of Song dynasty thought that the official who rebuilt this Tower has done illegal fund-raising thing ( have no idea how is this man going on the rest of his life, there is no records).

Anyway, the “Yueyang Lou Ji” has 360 words only, but it is rich in content. The famous sentence (“ Xian tian xia zhi you er you, hou tian xia zhi le er le”) is from this ancient style prose, by the way, every Chinese knows this sentence, it is quietly famous still.

Architectural Feature

The Yueyang Tower has unique architectural structure, it is the number one of the three famous towers. It has three floors, and every piece of this building is made of wood, there is no any metallic material. It is an incredible architecture ( you could see it from the picture).

History of the Yueyang Tower

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the general Su. Lu (who is direct by Quan. Sun) was taking an order to guard the Baqiu and practice the water army. In 215 A.D. this man built a tower for check the training, this building is for practice the army. This building named the gate tower of Balin, and this building has a new name in the Tang dynasty which is the Yueyang Tower.

After experiencing the war’s baptism, this Tower became ramshackle. The last two rebuilt is in 1983 and 1984, therefore we could watch the original shape of the Yueyang Tower. 

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