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Culture of Shexian

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Hui culture means Huizhou culture. It is one of the three regional culture of China and the ancient Huizhou is the sum of material & spiritual civilization, it is not equal Anhui culture. So i visited Shexian for a while, to discovery the Hui culture.

Shexian is located in the South of Anhui province, it is a famous national history & culture city of China. Huizhou has six counties, the Shexian is one of them, it is one of the motherland of Huizhou culture.

Shexian is keeping a plenty of historical relics, and these relics could show us the original county in the ancient China completely. Shenxian has several famous historical and cultural towns and villages, such as the Xucun town, Yuliang village and Tangyue village. This place still has some other place where need as to visit and discover. 

Xucun town is located in the Northwest side of Shexian, has 18 kilometers far away from the center of Shexian. The tour guide told us that there were living in a litterateur (named Renfangxi) who lived in the Nan dynasty, and because of Renfangxi likes to go fishing in the river which land in the eastside of village, then the ancient people named this river as Fang River.

End of the Tang dynasty, all of people (whose family name is Xu) were moving in this village, then became a huge family. And this is the story of village’s name. According to the Chinese history, a lot of official was from this village whose family name is Xu, such as scholar Xuguo who is from end of Ming dynasty.

The people of Xucun are very smart, they not only has a lot of official, also has a lot of business man, in the Qing and Ming dynasty. After they became rich, they come back to their family to improve their living environment. Therefore, the architectures which we could see were being built in the Qing and Ming dynasty.

Yueliang village is located in the Southeast side of Huicheng, Shexian. This village has built in the Tang dynasty ( 759 A.D.), most of people in this village have the same family name which is Yao. The name Yueliang village is from a dam which is Yueliang dam. This ancient village has 430 traditional ancient architecture, almost cover 65% of this village.

The Yueliang dam is the largest water project in ancient Shexian, according to the studying, people were starting to built the dam in the Tang and Song dynasty. The dam which you would watch here has rebuilt in the Ming dynasty. This water project is very magnificent, anyway you could imagine how did they build such huge dam in the ancient China, without any advanced technology, it is all built by hand. About how did they build this, we still need to study more about it. But as a tourist like me, have know this far is enough for me.

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