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Dalongqiu Waterfall of Breathtaking Changes

 2014-05-11    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1812  

Being the spectacular scenery of the Yandang Mountain, the Dalongqiu Waterfall has been a favourite tourist attraction of famous men of letters and were one of the country's four well-known and spectacular waterfalls along with the Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou province, the Yellow River's Hukou Waterfall and Diaoshuilou Waterfall in Heilongjiang province. The Dalongqiu Waterfall took its rise from Baigangjian.

After running through Longqiu Back, it cascaded off from the Lianyun Peak with a fall of 197 meters, like so many silver necklaces, and thence has carved itself an outlet through the rocks, deep down into the pool. It enjoys the fame as the first waterfall under heaven, which is the biggest of its kind and scholars and becomes a magnet for men of letters through the centuries.

Viewed from the distance, the waterfall showed clear and smooth-looking in the glasses and, below the curl of falling water, the spray from the waterfall was blowing in the wind. The scenery was quite a sight to be seen. The most wondrous sight of the Dalongqiu Waterfall is the fact that it could display diverse and graceful natural landscapes based on the seasons, rain or shine. Natural variations in climate in combination with natural landscapes full of variety add beauty to each other, forming the unique charms of the Dalongqiu Waterfall tourism.

Throughout the ages nature-lovers have valued them highly and given the Dalongqiu Waterfall great compliment, adding poetry to the stunning landscape, and poetry of infinite variety. When it's in high summer or the high tourist season, the Dalongqiu Waterfall is like one enraged silver dragon just after the thunderstorm, swooped down from the sky with a collision as loud as thunder to shake the skies and land. One the clear and fine winter days, the sun glistened on the pool, and the spray of water broke wayward.

When the shining sunlight is striking on the cliffs, the waterfall revealed a picturesque scenic sight of the colorful rainbow in the glittering sunshine, which without doubt would long remain in their memory. The golden rainbow and the white splashes indeed add to each other's splendor, creating a truly unique and unforgettable experience for anyone spending time on the waterfall!

In March every year, in the waterfall another scene was beginning to enact. Rain in the region is so scarce that the waterfall is pouring down like chains of bead curtain whose vast expanse of whiteness screens the surroundings, as if gorgeous in graceful dancing!

The panorama of color and action which fills the Dalongqiu Waterfall is really very pleasing to the visitors. The Dalongqiu Waterfall, thin and elusive almost as a memory, cannot be caught and touched. The Dalongqiu Waterfall in the Yandang Mountain and the Huangguoshu Waterfall are totally different in terms of style. It doesn't score a success by its size but its extremely beautiful gestures that go directly to the visitors' hearts. The prospect of spending back-to-nature holidays with a backdrop of mist is what initially lures throngs upon throngs of visitors. 

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