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Daocheng –The Last Pure Land

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In the west of China, a legend has been told that deeply in Qinghai-Tibet plateau has a secret kingdom with many snowy mountains around. There have snowy mountains, glaciers, valleys, forests, meadows, lakes, gold, and the pure air. The name of the kingdom is called Shambhala. In the eyes of the Tibetans, Shambhala kingdom is very beautiful, clear, quiet, harmonious pure land. It is also known as the "Shangri-La". According many scholars research, this legendary place is Daocheng.


Daocheng is a pure small country which located on the southeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau of the border of Sichuan province, China. It is famous for its pure landscape. This country with altitude of 3750 meters .It has several minorities such as Qiang race, Naxi race, and Zang race.


Daocheng is composed of Gongga snow-mountain, its highest altitude is 6023 meters and lowest altitude is 2000 meters. With an of glaciation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with the size and number of its season exceptional in China, The glacial erosion is traditionally called "the Old Ice Cap of Daocheng" which is famous throughout the world.. It is a kind of plateau monsoon climate, the vast majority of the time shares sunny, beautiful natural scenery.

70 years ago, a famous explorer found Daocheng. He was shocked by the beautiful landscape. And he said he don’t know there’s another place can compare with Daocheng’s beautiful. She is the paradise waiting for the explorers and travelers.

Yading is a national forest park located in the southeast about 130 kilometers of Daocheng. It is the best place to appreciate the beautiful scenery. The main sights of the park are famous for the three beautiful snow mountains .You can walk or ride horse or take a small electronic bus to get to the Luorong Pasture.

If you think you have a good body, I would suggest walking, which takes a few hours to the beautiful lakes –The Milk Lake and The Five Color Lake. The trip is about 16KM with the amazing landscape on the road. If your body is not very good, I would suggest you taking the electric vehicle shuttle service. The high altitude is no joke, and many people do not make it as far as Five Colour Lake due to fatigue or breathlessness.

Tourist can ride horse or walk to Chonggu Temple. The scenery there is so wonderful. You can see the beautiful Xiannairi Holy snow mountain is just standing in front of you. You can also see the wild animals living so happy here. You can feel the feeling of the flowers and trees, snowy mountains, forest, ice and lake.

The climate in Daocheng is very special because Daocheng is in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, as we know the weather in plateau is changeable, you should take some thick clothes to preserve catch a cold. And I also suggest taking an umbrella. If it is raining or snowing there, it probably has no signal.

The Best Time to Visit Daocheng is in April, May, Sep and October. Especially in Sep and Oct is the autumn season of Daocheng. It has a very colorful autumn in Daocheng. When you stand here, you will feel as if you were in the heaven.

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