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Daocheng, Yading, Kangding, Chengdu, Danba, and Xinduqiao Photographic Journey - Part 1

 2012-12-13    CTA    Tours    Daocheng    4963  

This Photographic Journey is the special trip for Chinese Frontier Culture Thematic Travel, the route as following map:

Daocheng Yading is known as "The Last Shangri-La" and has been discovered for its shock of scenery as early in the last century. This trip is from north to Mt. Siguniangshan, then visit Danba, Xinduqiao, and finally to Daocheng Yading scenic spot. Accompany with countless beautiful scenery along the way, this tourist route is a highly cost-effective.

Main Destinations: Danba, Xinduqiao, Daocheng Yading.



Siguniangshan Mountain

Detailed itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive in Chengdu, and have rest in the hotel.
Day 2: Chengdu - Mt. Siguniangshan
In the Morning, drive to Dujiangyan, and then enter Minjiang River Canyon, go upriver to Yingxiu, transfer to Wolong Highway, then climb over BaLang Mountain (4500 meters above sea level), on the top of which can look around and looked around the sea of clouds, if fortunate enough also watch the flocks of the plateau eagle. After that ride to Shuangqiaogou, sightseeing Yanggu, Five-colors Mountain, Seabuckthorn Forest Plank Road, Nianche Dam, Hunter Peak, Niuxinshan Mountain, and Savage Peak etc.


Siguniangshan mountain

Day 3: Mt. Siguniangshan – Danba – Xinduqiao
Get up early to visit Tibetan village which has Jiarong Tibetan characteristics, if lucky enough to run into the Danba beauties. Along the way on the Maowu Gorge, there is beautiful exceptional scenery, feeling the so called East Valley natural bonsai. After about 60 km of driving, arrive at the towering Yala Holy Mountain. Climb over the mountain, snow-capped mountains, there is a vast prairie, surround by snow-capped mountains, dotted with the Tibetan herders tents, during which pass Tagong prairie, where is a good place for taking photography as a souvenir, as well as riding horses. After that, head for the paradise of photographers – Xinduqiao.
Siguniangshan mountain



Day 4: Xinduqiao – Daocheng
After breakfast drive to climb over mountains above altitude of 4,000 meters along the edge the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (Gore Temple, Jianziwan, and Haizishan mountain), to enjoy the snow-covered plateau scenery.

Pass through the primeval forest from the Yalong River Canyon, enjoying the alpine pastures and another style of Tibetan village, and come to one of the highest elevation county in the world - Litang County. Have lunch at Litang, and then proceed to Daocheng. Along the way, pass the Haizishan Mountain, where visit can know about the left millions of years ago, seeing dozens of tons and even hundreds of tons of huge rock, as well as mountain lake landscape, if time permits, can make a short stay for photography creation. Arrive at Daocheng in the evening.




Weather conditions of Daocheng Yading:
There is a big temperature difference in the morning and evening. If it is a sunny day, it can reach more than twenty degrees, and ultraviolet ray is very strong (suggest taking a pair of sunglasses and a coat), sooner or later a cold a bit, can bring a coat. August is the rainy season, the plateau climate change quickly, but generally will not have a long time of rain or rain weather. Rain gear (had better take a portable raincoat, and don't take an umbrella, because it is not convenient to ride a horse), solid food, etc.

Accommodation in Daocheng Yading:
There are good hotels in Danba, Yajiang, Litang, Daocheng, as well as some county hostels. But in Yading, some log cabin hotels at the gate of the scenic spot have been rebuild into big tents, with poor health condition, suggest taking sleeping bags. 

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