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Day and Night of Macau

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Golden lotus sculpture, a symbol of Macau - even Lotus is gold, this is the temperament of Macau.

Ruins of St. Paul is the most representative landmark of Macau, in fact, it was the anterior wall of St. Paul's Church, which was completed in 1580.

Ruins of St. Paul combines the European Renaissance and Oriental architectural style, reflecting a blend of eastern and western art, elaborately carved, majestic and impressive.

Guia Lighthouse has stood on the highest mountain — Guia Hill for more than 140 years, and it is the first tower in the coastal region of China. Together with the Guia Fortress and Chapel of Our Lady of Guia, Guia Lighthouse was listed as one of the historic building in the “Historic Centre of Macau” of “World Heritage List”.

This is a good place for wedding photographs.

As the world's only city named after Mazu, Macao built the first Barra Temple in 1488 - a Temple (also known as Mazuge), from then on, lots of believers come to worship by burning joss sticks to impetrate safety and lucky.

Overlooking my favorite, as well as Macao's largest casino - Sands

Macau casino - the old Casino Lisboa

Macau casino: Wynn, predominantly Chinese, with good environment and atmosphere

Macau's landmark - the Grand Lisboa Hotel building, a combination of Lotus and hilt, peaceful and sharp

See the Grand Lisboa from the Fortress

The main entrance of Casino Lisboa during the day

One of twelve animal bronze heads donated by the boss of Lisboa

Night of Grand Lisboa

Downtown in the Venetian Macao Casino

Macau casino: MGM

Macau casino: Wynn

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