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Daya Bay

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Huizhou daya bay is located in the southeast of huizhou, the water area of which is nearly 1000 square kilometers. It is a typical subtropical Marine climate on it, the average temperature of which is around 21.8 ℃. The comfortable climate and beautiful beach make it a famous and honorable tourist resort. Every year, many young couples choose this place to spend their honeymoon.

Actually Daya bay is in the Daya district, which is one district of Huizhou city. It is just near Shenzhen, it takes around 40 minutes from here to get to shenzhen. The traffic is very convenient. If you arrive at Shenzhen International airport, you can take a shuttle bus to get to Daya Bay in about one hour.

Why the bays and beaches in Daya Bay are so attractive? The answer is the perfect scenery and alternative beaches to choose from for tourists. There are around 100 islands and numbers of beaches in Daya Bay and the facilities in those islands are very thorough. Today I would like to recommend the most famous beach--Panda beach to you even though you can have many other choices. Panda beach is exploited many years ago, the coastline here is very straight and long. In the beach, the sands are soft, white and clean. On the shore, you can take a sea view of islands not far away. There are natural bathes near the beach, which is very popular among locals in the summer, especially for children. You can take a sunbathing or swimming there to have a cool summer. The Panda beach is free for tourists to enjoy the natural bathing and they also provide some swimming equipments, but you have to give some tips on this services. Of course you can bring those things by yourself.

If you come to the beach, the first thing you don’t want to miss is the seafood. Since the Panda beach is quite near the town center, you can go to the seafood market in the town after enjoying the sunbathing. The seafood market is not very large but offer varieties of fresh seafood here, which is salvaged just by the fishman. And many restaurants are outside the seafood market, they provide the service to cook the seafood and only charge some reasonable processing fees. Therefore, this is the most economic way to enjoy the best seafood.

After dinner, if you want to take a walk along the sea, you can go to a green way near the Panda beach, which is built by the government fir tourists to walk or to ride. The green way service center provides the renting-bike service. There you can rent a bike for 9 RMB on hour. The green way is constructed just along the sea side, thus you can enjoy your walk or ride there with breathing the salty but refreshing air, in the mean time enjoying the perfect sea view with your family.

Tips: the accommodations in Daya Bay will be quite expensive in the peak season. So book in advance in avoid of full of booking.

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