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Delicious Food in Xinjiang

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Eating is one of the most fun and fascinating thingswhen traveling, sometimes it can make you understand the local features of one place mostly. Therefore, go to Xinjiang if you are still trying to figure out what is the most delicious and where to eat. Here are food collections in Xingjiang for your reference before you are setting off.

lamb shashlik that called by people who are in the inner part of China is named as roast meat in Xinjiang, there are roast meat all over the world, however, in my mind, the most delicious roast meat in the world is the one in Uzbekistan and Xinjiang, the size, degree of roasting and flavor is so perfect that once you taste it, you cannot forget it at all. Once you want to eat the roast meat in Xinjiang, you’d better go to the Uyghur shop near the Shanxi alley which is not only cheap but also with local taste.

Kazakhstan horse gut is the unique food in Xinjiang as the main horse place in China is mainly in Neimenggu and Xinjiang, but as people in Neimenggu don’t eat the horse meat, therefore, the most horse meat shops in China is in XInjiang. Cut the horse meat into pieces and put them into the gut, then roast it with pine. Horse meat is in rich nutrition, but it is not wise to have too much.

In front of every roast meat stalls in Xinjiang, there is a cold noodle stall filled by Han eaters. Being heritage by the cold noodles style in Shanxi and Gansu, features in Xinjiang are not vary too much and all tasty, in general, girls love to eat this. Pilaus rice is the delicious food which is made by rice, sheep meat, onion and carrot with main features of rich nutritions and fast speed, once you just sit down about 30 seconds, a dish of Pilaus rice is available.

How about the noodles served with soy sauce, which is the fastly eating method in Xinjiang, which is as if the beef noodle in Lanzhou and sauce noodle in Beijing, but the noodles served with soy sauce in Xinjiang has more materials and soy sauce that once a bowel is available, people who are in the south can finish it by four, no more hungry then.

Ice cream in Xinjiang is a must-to-taste, it is originated from Russia and not even though it is in the industrial area, taste of the ice cream is still unique and filled by milk flavor. You can buy one from every shops and supermarkets in Xinjiang.

The large bowel chicken is the dish which cuts the whole chicken into pieces and made by potato, pepper and noddles, one of the reason that it becomes famous is for its large bowel and whole chicken, which is easier for the consumers to accept.

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