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Delicious Macau Koi Kei Pastry Delights!

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The famous Macau brand Koi Kei is now a well established bakery in Macau and with the increasing number of visitors to Macau visiting Koi Kei has become a well known. Koi Kei is probably the most commecialized bakery in Macau, and it has many outlets, including outside of Macau. There are outlets at the foot of St. Paul's Ruins, as well as the one in The Venetian.

Busy entrance at a Koi Kei store.  

Koi Kei sells egg tarts, as many bakeries do in Macau. After tasting the various egg tarts in Macau, Koi Kei's is good, but I find Lord Stow's better. The crust for Koi Kei's egg tarts is more oily, and the custard sweeter.

Koi Kei's Portuguese Egg Tart 

The good thing about Koi Kei is that they freely hand out samples of their products for you to try. The peanut candy is delicious, and the ones with the black sesame is the most fragrant in taste. Other than the egg tarts and peanut candy, there are many other products to choose from.


Savory treats for those that don't have a sweet tooth. 

Koi Kei sell different flavors of barbequed beef/pork. However, the stall down the road at the foot of St. Paul's Ruins (Bee Chang Hiang) have better tasting barbequed pork jerky. They also have different types of egg rolls. but from where I come from, the egg rolls are not flavorful enough.


All the tasty treats that are available at Koi Kei...

Definitely do not hesitate to step inside where visitors are really welcome to taste all of their cookies for free! But be aware: you will probably end up buying one too many boxes of their biscuits... watching employees making cookies and pancakes will have you drooling over the delicious treats!

And to finish off a delicious pineapple pastry...yum yum! 

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