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Delightful Tianfu Rose Valley

 2014-07-22    Young    Sights    Chengdu    3135  

The beautiful Tianfu Rose Valley occupying a ground space of 1,000 acres belongs to the first phase of Modern agriculture high-tech business incubator in Chengdu City. Thousands of best flowers and plants including rose bushes, lavender with a delicate fragrance and rosemary grow in profusion in the garden.

All of these constitute the four large leisure tourism industries represented by the modern agriculture sightseeing, the rosy sea relaxation, romantic culture vacation and small town charm experience. The urban agriculture tourism sightseeing is just the breakthrough point to the project that the landscape's theme revolved around the rose, accompanied by large areas of sowing and raising landscape crops.

All of these measures are to create the standard and large rich propagation zoology sites. The local people devote major efforts to the development of tourism with very rich and of particular features that are beneficial to the protection of the ecological environment, which is of extremely high ornamental and tourist value.

On entering the Tianfu Rose Valley filled with the rich odor of roses, you could breathe the air that was thick with the perfume, heavy with it, clogged with it. Every year the great mass of rose petals still broke out into a passionate splendor of scent and crimson color. When these rosy flowers are in frill bloom they would send forth a fragrance at once delicate and sweet.

In a delightful occasion, bathing in fragrance of rosy flowers will bring you tranquility of dream field and intoxicating natural freshness. The gorgeous rose garden in this valley, diffusing with fragrance and blazing with colors, gives a wonderful welcome to everyone from China and from all over the world. Even the air was laden with spices-the mingled fragrance of various grasses and rosy flowers that spread their fragrance far and wide.

The sweet scent of vanilla would meet you as you entered the charming land. Those roses were abloom with tiny purple blossoms and gave forth an overpowering fragrance. The air freshened and shared the flavor of roses as we lingered in the garden paths. The pure refreshing air had given way before this more powerful perfume of these roses.

If you take a walk on the scenic spot, you will find that the air full of fragrance here gladdens the heart and refreshes the mind. Here you could have a panoramic view of the clumps of rosy flowers by enjoying from any angle, including the stubborn rose, bush rose, spreading rose and climbing rose. Skirting the gorgeous valley, far and near, high and low, are rosy flowers.

There're patches of roses with a dazzling glow as far as we could see. The showy and variously colored roses have the pleasing and coquettishly gorgeous blossom. Under the bright sunshine of the autumn days, there’s over thousands acres of rose garden where decades of species of roses are all in full bloom. Among all those dazzling colors and brilliant beauty, the place that has been likened to the ocean of rosy flowers resembles the splendid belts. 

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