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Delingha Alien Ruins in Qinghai

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The renowned British physicist Steven Hawkins once said, the evidence of there is extra life besides human in the universe is simple, considering that there’re more than 100 billions galaxies and each and every includes millions of planets, in this enormous space, earth can be the only planet that has life. It just happens there is a site in Qinghai province of China might prove his point.

Delingha Aliens site is located in the southwest side of Delingha, the capital city of Chaidamu. The UFO mark is placed on Baigong mountain, about 40 kilometers from the city.This is where the first strange circle appeared in China. Back in 1970s, there was reports of aliens witness in the area. The new reported desert circle only makes the place more mysterious. Usually crop circle and other strange circle phenomenon only happen in western countries, now here in Shanghai you can see some trace of the aliens-the Desert Circle.

In the year of 2011, some witness claimed they saw some strange circles on the desert, formed with some round circles and regular curves. Because there is no aerial photo, the whole shape of the circle couldn’t be seen. But the estimated diameter was around 2000 meters and there was no trace of human or large equipment near the circle. UFO experts also admitted this was not by human beings.

The alien site is situated exactly on the south side of Tuosu lake. Looking it from away spot, the grayish yellow mountain cliff with 50 or 60 meters off the ground feels like a giant pyramid. In the front of the mountain, there are three obvious caves with triangle shapes. The largest one is in the middle, about 8 meters high, 6 meters in depth. Given that some rocks have collapsed at the cave entrance, tourists can’t go inside and get a better look.

Experts found some a dozen of tubes inserting into the cave, and 60% of the components on it is iron but 8% of the rest can’t be recognized. There is no record of those components even in periodic table, which leads to a big problem? Where are those stuff coming from? Maybe somewhere outside the earth, or in the deep sea with no trace of human beings, or in the center of the earth, the truth is still left unknown.

I've been told every tourist that comes here would pick up some rocks besides the lake and hoping for good luck. Besides the alien’s site, you can still enjoy some other good views from Delingha city. There are sisters lake with beautiful legend stories, pretty cliff paintings, fossils all over the gobi desert. Desolate and remote it may seem, it’s a land full of wonder and surprises. The road trip isn’t that boring cuz the view besides is nice too, bright-colored wild flowers can be seen everywhere.

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