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Devil City the Land of Horror

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Once upon a time, there was a grand castle standing majestically on a sand hill. The guys inside the castle were all handsome and strong, and women were beautiful and kind. They lived a peaceful and happy life. However, the good days did not last long. As the growing accumulation of their money and wealth, the evilness took up the residents’ hearts.

They started indulging in drinking and fooling around instead of trying to make a better life. Everyone’s face was twisted and terrible-looking. To arise the goodness deep inside, God pretended himself a beggar and came to the castle.He told the people it’s the evilness that turn a rich from poor but no one would listen to him. God was furious then turned the castle into a heap of ruins,and all these residents were under the ruins. When the night came, growl and whining of ghosts could be heard everywhere.

That is the story of the Devil City. It is situated in the northwest edge of Zhunger basin in Xinjiang Province, about 100 kilometers from Kelamayi city. There is an unique landscape formed by erosion of the wind, covering an area of 10 square kilometers, above 350 meters above the sea level.  According to the archaeologists, the place was used to be a huge freakwater lake.

Besides the lake grow abundant plants, various dinosaurs living inside the water as well as other ancient animals. It was the paradise of animals. Now it is just a sea of land but the beauty of the place has attracted hundreds of thousands tourists all around the world. One year it was also among the three best tourists spot according to China national geographic magazine.

In the Devil city, tourists can get to see various landscapes, castle-like, temple, stone tablet, cliffs and colorful agates. If you get lucky, you might find some dinosaur egg like small round stones,as well as some fossils of fish and birds, very interesting. As a matter of fact, they really have an ancient castle in the area. It was a building with 5 meters high off the ground, which was also the rest station of the ancient silk road. The locals say before the lake went dry, it was a lands with many residents and with rich biological diversity. When the lake disappeared, those people could do nothing but leave.
Because the unique location, there is fierce wind all the year round, sometime it could up to force 10-12. The strong northwest wind shapes the devil city even better, making everything look more strange and scary. Looking it from a faraway distance, it is like a giant castle from middle century. Sound of winds fill the air. If you like something more exciting, taking a night tour might be a good idea. There are also some other fun places such as lovers valley, snake valley, magic eagle valley and other six valleys, each one has its own style and meanings.  . 

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