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Dianchi Lake with Bewitchingly Beautiful Scene

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Dianchi Lake, the largest lake in the Yunnan province, also referred to as Kunming Lake or the Pond of Kunming and in the good old days as the Marsh of Southern Yunnan, is a scenic stretch of water located on a plateau to the southwest of the City of Kunming. Additionally, Dianchi Lake is regarded as the sixth largest freshwater lake in our country, reputed as a bright Pearl imbedded in the Plateau. According to historical records, Dianchi Lake stretches 40km north to south; it has an altitude of 1886 metres, looking like a vast sea rises majestically up to the sky.

If you indeed dislike the cold winter, you could come to visit Dianchi Lake in Kunming City, which is known for its year-round spring weather. Actually, if you visit Dianchi Lake in spring, you will without doubt find yourself in a quiet wooded world where you could bask in the sweet warm breezes that speed the greening of the plants. The spring breeze quietly flushes and the green leaves dance. Lake Dian is really an enchanting place to visit in spring. In case of raining, the boundless lake would surely half lose itself in misty drizzles where the water and the sky are of one hue, forming one integrated mass and adding a touch of beauty to the scenic landscape of the haze-veiled lake.

Supposing you surmount to what is famous as the Dragon Gate up and looks down from the top of the hill, you could have a bird's-eye view of the azure lake, slightly wrinkled in the winds on a distant horizon behind them. Situated on the west bank of Dianchi Lake is the famous Western Hills, which is also regarded as one of the most known scenic attractions of Kunming. Dianchi Lake is surrounded by mountains and girdled by a river.

The scenery in Dianchi Lake is out of this world. The lake and the surrounding hills do really add radiance and beauty to each other. Among the crags of mountains, you could find Dianchi Lake whose calm and clear waters mirror the green trees and white clouds. Scenery amid the misty rain in spring looks very gorgeous. Its spacious water and outstanding scenic spots of quiet beauty had attracted many visitors each year.

If you ascend the heights and look down from the high peaks and you will keep the wonderful scenery of the Dianchi Lake in view. In fact, the changing cloud is so unpredictable and such a phantasmagoric sight that human beings cannot help but be fascinated and mystified. Here you could indeed feast your eyes on the ever-changing scenery of rare beauty.

The majesty of the Dianchi Lake, holding in their recesses the secrets of cloud and sky; the infinite variety of the most wonderful and changing prospects, never be imitative or repetitious, but always stimulating the imagination with a touch of fresh and unsuspected loveliness. It should be a charming experience to sail up the river when the lightness and freshness and intoxication of the gentle air blow everywhere. 

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