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Diaoshuihu Scenic Tourist Area – Mind Blowing Tourist Location

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Diaoshuihu Scenic Tourist Area is a lately constructed scenic spot in Changchun City in Jilin Province. There are undulations of green mountains, quiet and secluded canyon, odd-shaped stones and clear sparkling streams. Strolling in the Scenic Area, you will gain stunning view of green hills and clear waters, thick forest, steep crests, stone pavilions and caverns. The beautiful setting here appeals more and more travelers. On walking into the entryway, a green passage way appears in front of you. Two mountains stand there seems to show their warm welcome to you. Tourists wander inside the valley bottom only to see green hills which are like doing boating on a green sea.

Main attraction
Diaoshuihu scenic spot is well known for mountains, water, woods, peaks and karst cave. Among all the scenery spots, karst cave is the most famous part. The karst cave attracts a large number of tourists for its unique features. The whole cave is consist of three small caves and it has three records in the northeast part--the highest elevation (690 meters) karst cave, the biggest fall (73 meters) and the largest area (5000 square meters). Especially, the 32-meter winding stair is hailed as "an exclusive landscape in China".
The waterfall in the scenic area is another popular attraction. About 10 meters wide, 7 meters drop, it is so spectacular and beautiful. The stream is crystal clear. Tourists can enjoy the special fascinating scenery in any season, because the water is not frozen in winter and extremely cool in summer.

Man-made spots
There are numerous man-made picturesque spots in the cave: Lingxiao Palace, the Eight Immortals drunk in Yaochi, Buddha-to-be, unicorns sending baby, the Goddess of Mercy and so on. All the spots show different characteristics and features. In the outside of the cave there is a marvelous natural scene: oddly shaped stones, cascades, white pagoda, an ocean of white clouds, green passage, fish turtle tower, ten promenades etc. Tourists would feel being in a delightful painting when rambling in the scenic area. The place is very attractive and beautiful. It seems to have some magic that makes your eyes always keep on the scenery.

How to reach there
The Diaoshuihu Scenic Tourist Area is about ninety one kilometers from Changchun city. It is located in Shanhe town, Shuangyang district. You can reach this scenic tourist area easily by taking a bus in the southern long bus station at the specific timings from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The entrance fee is fifty Yuan per person. The opening time of this beautiful spot is from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day.

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