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Diaoshuilou Waterfall with Spectacular Sight

 2014-04-25    Young    Sights    Heilongjiang    2289  

Situated at the northern end of the Jingpo Lake in the southwest of Ning'an County, Heilongjiang Province, the Diaoshuilou Waterfall where the water cascaded off precipices in cataracts and crash into the rock below, scoured out vast pits over 70 meters wide. When in the season with abundant rainfall, its width could reach over 300 meters, and the falling head of 20 meters.

Below the waterfall is the deep pool where row on row of tiny wind waves flowed up the pool's green surface. It's called as "Black Dragon Pool" that has been made part of a beautiful park bearing the same name. Located in the Taoyuan Cave scenic area, the Black Dragon Pool is an 800 meters long and wonderful stream. The story is going about that the pool is constituted by a spring gushing naturally from underneath the earth. The crystal clear water is somehow darkish in color. Hence the fancy name Black Dragon Pool. It is also known for its camellia which the poet Guo Moruo once drew inspiration to praise its beauty.

Whenever the rainy season or flood period comes, the waterfall made a sound so much like the thunder. The currents whistled through quickly. There is a legend that a dragon lives in the pond, so Dragon Pond is named. Diaoshuilou Waterfall's a falling wall of water so awesome and powerful that you could see its mist even from several miles away. The glimmering mist of the waterfall splashed by the glittering sunshine and streaked by the golden rainbow that mutually reflects one another with the white splashes. It's the largest basalt waterfall all over the world, so that it creates lots of dramatic geological and landscape types of scenery.

On both sides of the waterfall is the sheer cliff that is particularly noted for its many picturesque rocks, often of weird-looking shapes. Standing on the cliff edge and looking out into the deep pool, one feels as if one were falling into an endless drop. The brilliant sunlight filtered down through the trees, dappling his entire body.

Slightly opposite the waterfall on the cliff sits a traditional-style pavilion, from which tourists could gaze from a far to feast their eyes on the beautiful scene of the mysterious distant waterfall veiled in the mountain mist. In the burnished mirror of the lake, mountain and groves reflect the sky on the distant horizon. All the people who have ever visited here could exclaim on its magnificent scenery.

You could see the black cliff; here you could make some echo. At Echo Wall, all of the visitors now could provide cries instead of sacrifices, hoping to hear their voices bounce back to them. It reflected the visitors' glittering multitude of laughing through the circular cliff and clearly floated down to them.

When the low-flow period in winter comes, the waterfall disappeared without leaving a trace, but you could still another splendid view. On the lava wall, visitor could find countless water-eroded caves of unequal size and the irregularities in depth. The sight is of an extraordinary kind! 

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