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Discover Lingnan Beauties in Zhaoqing

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When mentioning those ancient towns with rivers and bridges, what come to your minds are those beautiful towns in Jiangnan, like Xitang and Wuzhen. So when it comes to green mountains and dense forests with fresh air and clear waters, what pop up should be those cities in Lingnan, like Zhaoqing. Today, a tour to discover Lingnan beauties in Zhaoqing starts here.

Zhaoqing is a one of the famous historical and cultural cities as well as an excellent tourism city in China. It is the cradle of Lingnan culture and the place where it thrives. With a long history with rich cultural heritage, abundant tourism resources with beautiful landscapes, and the strong Lingnan atmosphere, Zhaoqing has been a hot destination for tourists to discover the typical Lingnan and its beauties. So what are those outstanding attractions in Zhaoqing that highlight the city, here are the answers.

Star Lake Scenic Area
Star Lake Scenic Area includes Seven Star Crags and Dinghu Mountain scenic spots. Star Lake Scenic Area is reputed as the first wonder in Lingnna that has the beautiful waters in West Lake and mountains in Yangshuo.

Seven Star Crags
Seven Star Crags belong to the Star Lake Scenic Area is one of the hottest attractions in Guangdong tourism. This scenic spot boasts a complex of five lakes, six rocks, seven crags and eight caves. It is themed in karst characterized crags and caves, and lake views. The match peculiar mountains and elegant lakes, unique crags and remote caves are the essence of this spot. It is surprisingly to find that the seven crags standing among the lake in the shape of the Big Dippers.

While the secrets of the Seven Star Crags are those natural caves under the crags. Drift a boat into the cave to enjoy those peculiar rocks, stalactites and rocks carvings should be an extraordinary experience.

Dinghu Mountain
Dinghu Mountain is famed as “Emerald on the tropic of cancer”. It is one of the four famous mountains in Guangdong and has been a sacred Buddhism place since ancient times. Dinghu Mountain boasts subtropical natural forests, streams and waterfalls, deep mountains and temples.

This mountain never lacks green and freshness. There are a decade of peaks with various forests types and vegetation, also the rare species of animals are found here. Or you will find an ancient temple under a dense forest after the trickling streams and flying waterfalls, such as the famous Qingyun Temple and Baiyun Temple.

Panlong Gorge
Panlong Gorge is located in southeast of Deqing County in Zhaoqing City. Within this long Panlong Gorge, there locates a rare waterfall group that has more than 100 waterfalls in different sizes. Also the luxuriant forests and the steep mountains have made this gorge a natural oxygen bar in Lingnan area.

What attracts people most at this gorge is drifting. Here has the most exciting drifting watercourse which has a large fall of 180 meters between the highest point and the lowest point. What’s more amazing is that the Panlong Gorge drifting is open in winter season. At the same time, you will find a group of villas that in modern European styles and a field of romantic lavenders.

Ancient City Wall
This ancient city wall in Zhaoqing is the only one city wall that is well-preserved in Guangdong Province. It was constructed in the Song Dynasty and now has been considered a symbol of Zhaoqing as a famous historical and cultural city.

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