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Discovering Wudalianchi Geological Park

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There are always beautiful sentences stating how wonderful the nature is, the beautiful landform after a horrible volcano eruption is one of the amazing facts. People will love Wudalianchi Geological Park in Heilongjiang provided they are wondering how much surprise the nature can give us, and Wudalianchi can offer the angry side. China has 44 national geological parks managed since 1999, and Wudalianchi Geological Park is one of those. Search Wudalianchi Geological Park, you’ll get that the park features extensive volcanic geologic landforms. Indeed, with its vast array of common and typical volcanic landforms, Wudalianchi hold the reputation of being a 'National Volcanic Museum' and an 'Open Textbook on Volcanoes.' It performs such functions as tourism, recuperation, scientific research and resources development.

Located in Heilongjiang Province, Wudalianchi Geological Park covers an area of 1,060 square kilometers and features extensive volcanic geologic landforms. You may have seen volcanic geologic landforms somewhere, but you’ll still get shocked upon your seeing the complete one in Wudalianchi Geological Park. It boasts the world's most well preserved, concentrated and complete volcanic landforms. Cenozoic Wudalianchi volcanic field, which is located in northeast China, about 1,800 km away from the Pacific–Eurasia plate boundary, is characterized by 14 monogenetic basaltic volcanoes. These small-scale volcanoes are widely distributed in region and were formed by discrete, relatively short-lived volcanic eruptions. The activity of the basaltic volcanic field occurred during seven eruptive episodes spanning a period of 2.10 million years. Because the recent major eruptions—Laoheishan and Huoshaoshan volcanoes—took place in 1719–21 AD, the Wudalianchi volcanic field contains an exceptionally well-preserved range of volcanic landforms.

It contains well-displayed examples of extensive lava flows, including a wide variety of lava flow surfaces, subsidiary pyroclastic cones, hornitos, and deposits of volcanic debris. As a member of the tentative list of World Natural Heritage in China, Wudalianchi National Park preserves and protects a high level of geological and geomorphological value with spectacular landforms and structures produced by geologically young volcanism.
After a whole day’s wandering, you can also enjoy natural springs here to wash your tiredness away. Wudalianchi has many mineral springs; including North Spring, South Spring, New South Spring, South Bathing Spring and Fanhua (Seething Waves) Spring.

The South Bathing Spring is famous for its reeds, lotuses and tranquil environment. Fresh water with the temperature of the bottom of ground has the magic of accelerating the blood circulation, which is meaningful for fighting against lots of diseases.

Even if we are not geographies who come to the park for study, there are lots of reasons for coming. Volcanoes are horrible as they can ruin everything we built with sweat and toil, however they are part of the nature too.

The crazy and wild aspect of nature are perfectly performed by volcano eruption, so for people who love adventure and share a strong curiosity, exploring the mysterious volcano landform can be interesting. While for those who love fantastic scenery, the colorful and astonishing volcano landforms is also charming.

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