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Do I need a visa to travel to Hong Kong

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Lots of clients have been asking us about the visa to Hong Kong (HK). Thus we think it is necessary to write an article about it. 


In the first place, travelers holding one of the following documents can enter HK without a visa or entry permit: 
a.  Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport,
b.  British National (Overseas) Passport,
c.  Hong Kong Certificate of Identity,
d.  Hong Kong Re-entry permit (for entry from the Mainland of China and the Macao Special Administrative    Region only),
Hong Kong Seaman's Identity Book,
e.  Hong Kong Document of Identity for Visa Purposes provided that the document is valid or the holder's limit of  stay in Hong Kong has not expired.
Travel documents bearing one of the following endorsements:
 "Holder's eligibility for Hong Kong permanent identity card verified."
 "The holder of this travel document has the right to land in Hong Kong. (Section 2AAA, Immigration  Ordinance, Cap. 115, Laws of Hong Kong)"
f.  Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card.

However, as an important free zone in the world, HK allows nationals of about 150 countries and territories to stay visa-free for a period from 7 days to 180 days. Hong Kong's visa-free policy towards other countries and territories can be found at: 

Hong Kong Visa Exemption List
Although HK is a part of People’s Republic of China (PRC), you will need a visa or follow the visa-free policy of HK even if you have obtained the visa of PRC. Plus, there is no difference between entering HK from the mainland or from a foreign country. 

If you have any doubt regarding the visa issue of Hong Kong, feel free to contact us through the live chat tool on the left. 

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