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Dongchuan- The Palette with Natural Beauty

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Traditional yet up-to-date, outwardly urban yet in essence it is rural, conventional but path-breaking, China is a land of charming contradictions and it never fails to surprise you. It is a very attractive tourist destination and people all over the world are attracted towards it. The food, the historical sites, the scenic beauty entices the most however, there are also some places which are not that famous but special in their own way. One of such places is the red land of Dongchuan in Yunnan.

There is a richness of mesmerizing scenery in Dongchuan located in Yunnan province, however, this region is left off the trail by the tourists. You will be amazed by the melodic, soft curves and the colorful land. Yunnan can be described as the kaleidoscope of beautiful colors at any time of the day.

The Red Land

The area Dongchuan is the most typical, unique and concentrated land on the Yunnan table-land. The scenery here is very beautiful. Because of the warm and humid climate, the iron elements present in the soil have been depositing each passing year after oxidation. The stark red color is formed after centuries. This region is called the “natural copper capital” of the world. The beautiful red land, its unique shape, the vegetable plot seems just like a gorgeous painting and makes you feel enchanted. The discovery of Dongchuan is accredited to a photographer. He noticed the red land while passing through a plane. He returned to the place to find the red land and when his photos were published, it gained the attention of tourists and the government.

How to Reach Dongchuan

You can take shuttle buses from two stations, Dongju passenger station and Nanjiao passenger station, to reach to this place. The shuttle buses runs every twenty minutes from seven in the morning to seven in the night. Another way to get this area is through a rental car. The cost increases if the number of persons increases from two. If it is a group of more than five persons, you can also rent a mini bus. You can bargain since the quotation prices are quite high.


The attraction in Dongchuan, is obviously the red land which is strikingly beautiful. This red land is even considered more magnificent than the one in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. And since it is decorated with multi-color crops, you can see an array of colors there just like a palette. Though Dongchuan is an all year round destination, the best time to visit the place is from September to December. The crops get ripe in that season and present stunning colors. This place is highly suggested for photographers as there is a lot to capture.
Geographical parameters

The area covers approximately two lakh square kilometers and is an essential place to visit if you are going to China. Red, white, green and blue colors are matched just like a beautiful rainbow on earth. It is such an amazing spectacle that you are bound to get bewitched!!

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