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Dongchuan Red Soil

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Dongchuan Red soil, located 180km north of Kunming,is a splendid colorful land.It is a rural place situated at the Wumeng Mountainous and beautiful like rainbow.Dongchuan Red soil is famous for its red soil.It is the photographers dreamland with rea soil,yellow buckwheat and blue sky.


Dongchuan Red soil is mainly centralized around the Xintian township which is 40 kilometers away from southwest of Kunming.This place has the the most typical and the most characteristic red land.It is more daunting and sublime than the red soil of Brazil.

Standing at the high place and look around,you will see the mountains, rivers and the wilderness presents a magnificent picture with all kinds of colors.There are Yangmai flowers,buckwheat flowers, potato flowers, rape flowers,radish flowers and other flowers bloom all year around.You will see a layer of green, a layer of white, a layer of gold,a layer of red when the wind rise.The vivid and intense color seems spread to the horizon.


There are different sceneries in different seasons.The best time to Dongchuan Red soil is from May to June or from September to December.The most beautiful time to see the rea land is the third day after rain.Sky is bluer,wet earth is more attractive under the sunshine.If you are lucky enough you may see the rainbow.


Dong chuan Travel Tips:
There are many family hotels you can live.The price is from 20 to 120 yuan per room.You can eat farm meals in your hotel .The hotels are clean and safety.It will not spend much.

You can take bus to Dongchuan District at Kunming Dongju bus station or Nanjiao bus station .It takes 2.5 to 3 hours to Dongchuan Bus Terminal.Then transfer to "Huagou"or"Huashitou"by bus.

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