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Dongxiyan Scenic Spot in Zhejiang

 2014-09-26    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1843  

Dongxiyan Scenic Spot is located within the territory of Lishui City in Zhejiang Province, with the total area of 9.04 square kilometers. Dongxiyan Scenic Spot is celebrated for her Danxia landforms, the folklore culture of She Nationality and revolutionary sites. In the beauty spot, as there're two eastern and western Danxia peaks standing opposite each other, it has got its present name of Dongxiyan Scenic Spot.

The Danxia landforms in Dongxiyan Scenic Spot are dainty and delicate, having an elegant and perfect quality, attractively clear and beautiful. Dongxiyan Scenic Spot is blessed with two characters, firstly, it's very compact and exquisite; secondly, the view is very colorful and excellent. The whole Dongxiyan Beauty Spot is formed naturally by the sedimentary rocks. Within the scenic beauty of beautiful scenery, hard-featured rocks and the deep and serene gorge, Dongxiyan natural scenery with Danxia landforms of wonderful workmanship excelling nature attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all parts of the world.

The rich ethnic folklore of She nationality within the scenic spot includes the melody of She nationality, the women's costume of She nationality and the folk performance of She nationality, which is also another feature of Dongxiyan Scenic Spot. Whenever there is a holiday. The scenic spot will come up with the colorful program with rich customs of She nationality.

Dongxiyan Scenic Spot is such one beautiful scenic resort that has gathered together tourism and sightseeing, vacation and leisure, popular science geological expedition and seeking red trip merging into one organic whole. Dongxiyan Scenic Spot is the scenery zone that makes a feature of the imposing and magnificent over-hanging cliffs, canyon scenery, ancient cave and stone room scattered like stars in the sky and dense nationality amorous feelings.

Blessed with a temperate climate and surrounded by beautiful landscapes, the fascinating scenic spot and historic site would make many tourists linger on and forget to return. Dongxiyan Scenic Spot is attractive to the tourists far and wide not only for its wonderful and magnificent natural scenery, simple and honest ethnic folklore of She nationality, but also its endless stories and legends.

These stories would cast a deep historical and cultural foundation over the Dongxiyan Scenic Spot, and also offer the rich cultural feast for domestic and overseas visitors. With beautiful mythical tales adding to the allure of the stunning scenery, Dongxiyan Scenic Spot has today become a great tourist destination. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular natural scenery while listening carefully to the exciting stories and legends.

These touching stories and legends are closely linked with that of its unique natural views, constituting the unique Dongxiyan Scenic Spot. The scenery zone is also the earliest district committees of the old liberated area in the southwest of Zhejiang Province.

The local government strives to build Dongxiyan Scenic Spot into a national 4A class tourism zone, so as to realize an overall improvement of the qualities and brand within the scenic spot, which makes it become the excellent place for cultivating the heart and nature. 

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