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Dongzhaigang Nature Reserve in Hainan

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As the first important base for protecting and researching mangroves and the ecosystem of coastal zones in our country, Dongzhaigang Nature Reserve is situated in the northeast of Qiongshan City, Hainan Province, and occupying an area of over 3,337.6 hectares, among which the natural vegetation like mangrove forest accounts for 2,065 hectares.

Dongzhaigang Nature Reserve is established in 1980 under the authorization of the Hainan Provincial Government, and was promoted to be at the national level in 1986, and was inscribed on the World's Important Wetlands List in 1992. Its main protection specie is the mangrove ecosystem. The preserve had become an important stopover for many international migratory waterfowls and an important area of connecting with birds at different biotic divisions.

According to the recordation of historical literature, Dongzhaigang used to be the land, only one shallow gully of about 3 meters wide, which was fordable. It was stated that there has been a serious earthquake there three hundreds of years ago, which made the landscape had been slowly pushed upward into today's Dongzhaigang. Huge waves reportedly wiped away entire land after a massive undersea earthquake struck. As for the present, when the tide was out, wells, archway, stone bridges remaining in parts of Dongzhaigang were still visible, which is dubbed an undersea villages. Among which the sinking villages there are Dongzai village, the place is therefore called Dongzhaigang.

Dongzhaigang mangrove forest is the most characteristic and the most primitive tropic natural mangrove wetlands ecosystems in our country. The species diversity in forest communities and habitat diversity that is the important mechanism for retarding the percolation of pest perturbation and the emergence of destructive pest populations are the highest in the country. It had become an ideal place to the localized study of the existing mangrove ecological system in wetlands.

The major protective objects are the coastal mangroves ecosystem, rare and endangered species as represented by waterfowls and biodiversity in the region. Its principal natural vegetation is mangrove vegetation. The reserve is blessed with the country's largest number of mangrove species. . In the preservation zone, there are mangrove plants with 16 families and 33 species, like Rhizophora stylosa, Kandelia candel and Avicennia marina. Statistics show that there are over 159 species of birds like egrets and ducks in the region.

Some describe mangrove forest the submarine forest. Others call it the water oasis. Mangrove forest has a distinctive style of its unique habitats, physical features, specific eco-characteristics and morphological structures. Tranquility pervades primitive mangrove forest where a profusion of colors is brought into full harmony with nature throughout the year.

The mangrove forest in their infinite variety of forms impresses one with their beauty and charm. The tides drain went in a roundabout way, like the silver snake coiling among the trees. Hainan's mangrove, rich coral reefs are famous attractions, particularly mangrove forest. Here visitors could experience the beauty of quite virgin redwoods and crystal clear seawater! They could inhabit a world of the life-like wetland environment in which mangrove grow is created! 

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