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Doupotang Waterfall – Ideal Summer Holiday Location

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Doupotang Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls located near to the Huangguoshu Waterfall. The wide publicity and notable features of Huangguoshu Waterfalls might be over shadowing the fundamental impressiveness of the Doupotang Waterfall. This is indeed one of the thrilling waterfalls you should not miss to visit while you are at China. The waterfall will definitely inspire your feeling and is one of the best picturesque locations. Extremely romantic area with lush greeneries and thick forests around is a blessed land of wonders.

Steep Slope Pool
Doupotang is a steep slope poor waterfall, and therefore is also called as "Steep Slope Pool". You can trek one kilometer upward along the river from Huangguoshu Waterfall to reach the magnificent water fall location. The waterfall width is 105 meters and the fall height is 21 meter. This is one of the widest water falls in this part, which people generally miss to visit.

Legendary story - interesting
Like many other waterfalls, a Doupotang waterfall is also having a legendary story associated. The legend says, once upon a time while a handsome Buyi boy bathing in the pool saw a bright, shining ball. The body took the moon like shining ball to his home and hides it in the family barn in the rice grain. The magic light multiplied the rice grains and he had lot of rice.

The news of this magical event spread across and an evil noble who was greedy of everything asked his son get hold of the magic light. His son approached the boy and asked for the magical light and in a swift of action, he swallowed the ball. After swallowing the ball he became extremely thirsty and drank all the water in the village. But that was unable to quench his thirst and he ran to the Doupotang Pool, put his head down in the pool and start drinking the water. After having so much of water, he turned in to an evil dragon and stayed in the pool. The evil dragon asked the villagers to worship him by sacrificing a 6 year old child, to get away from the evil action he may do the villagers. Though child scarification is not in practice, the waterfall area celebrates the festival. It is interesting to note that Chinese culture is very much associated Dragon festivals and worshiping of mountains and waterfalls. Almost all legend stories are one way or other way linked to Dragon and Mountains.

The story has a beautiful twist, the Buyi boy was courageous enough to tame to Dragon. He approached a blacksmith and asked him to build a 250 kilogram iron chain which can be used as a lasso. The boy mastered the trick of using the iron chain as a lasso and captured the Dragon and forced it live on the bank of the pool as a warning point before the flood starts. The Dragon became a huge rock and villagers can easily understand the early signal of flood when the river flows over the rock.

Travel tips:
Tourists can take regular bus service playing from Jinyang bus terminal to scenic area. Tourists can also take buses from Anshun South passenger terminal. Frequent bus services are available. The waterfall area will be opened from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm in the evening. A combo fee including other sightseeing will cost your CNY 180 per head. Average temperature of the area will be 16 degree Celsius. This is an ideal summer holiday location.

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