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Dragon Tiger Mountain

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Every scenic spot has its own specialty, and this special maybe is about the natural environment or maybe is about local culture and history. And I noticed that there are five things have worth to try in the Dragon—Tiger Mountain. I enjoyed the great culture here, I could not use “wonderful” this word to describe this feeling. It was a nice experience, you could follow my words to know what I had been through, it was an amazing trip...

History of Taoism

If you want to look for the Taoism in the Dragon—Tiger Mountain, you definitely should visit the Zhengyi temple. To be honest, I'm not a Taoists, not even a little. A Chinese litterateur said that the Chinese foundation is from the Taoism, and the Zhengyi temple of the Dragon—Tiger Mountain is the birthplace of Taoism. That’s why i introduce this place...

In the middle of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), the Taoism’s founder master Zhang had brought his follower to this mountain for making magic bullet. And the mountain has another name which is Yunjing mountain. After they came, the native people creative a proverb to describe what are they doing which means” You will see the dragon and tiger when you finish the magic bullet”. Since then, this mountain has a new name- the Dragon and tiger mountain.

The Zhengyi temple had built by the fourth mater of Taoism for commemorating the founder of the Taoism.

Water Rafting

The Xianshui stone is composed of Xianya and Shuiya, it is located on the west side of Qing river, nearby the west of the Dragon and Tiger mountain. The ancient people said that the gods were living in this place, then I guess you could imagine how pretty this place is.

Exploring Cave Tomb

You could know what does the cave tomb do from the words. I heard that the Dragon and Tiger mountain has several hundreds cave tombs on the cliff, and under the cliff is the Luxi river.

When the ancient people died, they will move their coffin into the cave which on the cliff with their personal effects. After they moved the coffin into the cave, they will blinding-off the cave entrance.

The Taoism Culture Festival

If you are lucky enough, you could watch the Taoism culture festival. The Taoism culture festival is once a year, between 3th to 9th of October.

Tianshi Bagua

The meal of Tianshi Bagua is a traditional meal for Taoism. The master Zhang served every guest at festivals and activities. You could learn some Taoism’s culture from this meal also. And the dishes are delicious and looks great too.

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