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Dreamy Northern Glasslands -- Hulunbuir Grasslands

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World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. I believe that no body just wants to stay in the same page in a whole life. Turn to other pages and go to some other places far away from your home. This time I will introduce you the northernmost grasslands in China.

Hulunbuir Grasslands is one of the biggest grasslands in the word, and it is in the Neimenggu province. The limitless grasslands landscape is magnificent and extensive. And makes people feel carefree and cozy. A meandering river named Mergel Gol River traverse this grasslands quietly. Hulunbuir Glasslands is famous for Hulun Lake and Buir lake. It is said that long long ago a couple of lovers live this brave tribe. The girl Hulun was brilliant and versatile; the boy Buir was intelligent and brave. In order to save the grasslands and persue their love, they done whatever they can to struggle with demon. At last Hulun turned herself into water to drown all the monsters. While Buir bravely jumped into the water to find his love. Then, these two lakes nourish this beautiful land and protect the people. Do you think their only grasslands in Hulubuir? The answer is no, there are also many forest parks such as Moore road GA national Forest Park, Yikesama national Forest Park. Since this area is adjacent to Russia, some places are full of Russia amorous feelings. What you can do here are riding a house, viewing the scenery along the way, skiing in the snow spots and enjoying the local food.

The grasslands looks like a rich green colossal blanket, the cluster horses and the devious rivers are just like the decorative pattern of the blanket. Lying in this blanket, looking at the blue sky and breathing the air with cow horse and sheep’s taste. This warmhearted while strange grassland is so charming and make all of us yearn to have a visit.

Hulun Lake and Buir Lake are beautiful sceneries which we can not miss when we have a visit. The lakes are as vast as sea for the boundary is beyond your visual. Often, at the lake side, at the first moment it is sunny while the next second it rains heavily but the sun is still hanging on the sky, and this is what we called sun-rain. One side is thundering and lighting, while the other side the twilight is as red as a drunken face. At this moment you will find a long colorful rainbow like a arch bridge across the high clear sky. It is a good sign and this is the special way the grasslands welcome and bless you. The sunset after the rain is another surprise for you. The sun with a golden cape pouring its light into the grasslands and lakes, the whole space is like a glaring diamond. Hulunbuir is so rich and the quiet grasses do not care about travelers praise and obsession. With the tenacious vitality exist in the land prosperously and make their life contribution to verify the greatness and restless of life.

Camel fair and Birch forest are also deserved to appreciate when you visit this land.

There is no doubt that in the northernmost area of China is the coldest place. It snows a lot there. From November to next year February is the best season for skiing in Hulunbuir.

The Phoenix Mountain skiing resort is the largest and best place to go skiing. It is located in the southeast of Mengyakeshi Hulunbuir. With a floor space of 2,500 hectare, 600 to 900 meter higher than the horizon level. The trail is wide, equipments are complete, skiing events are abundant and it is the longest natural skiing resort in China. The primary, vantage and high courses are available for all kinds of persons no matter you are good at skiing or never ski before.
Skiing in this resort are very exciting and forgettable.

You must be more thankful and be more interested in reading the world book after you go to Hulunbuir.

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