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Eating Fish in Zhejiang, Taste in Qiandao Lake

 2011-05-16    Elin    Sights    Hangzhou    4617  

Drink natural water, eat organic fish. We ate many fishes during this tour to Qiandao Lake and fish is my favorite. It needs to mention that the organic fish in Qiandao Lake. The organic fish is authorized by the OFDC,and the Qiandao Lake is the first breeding base of organic fish. Organic fish means the fish which is breeding according the relevant rules and standard. The production of fish conforms to the natural law and ecological principals. There is no chemical substances and adoption of ion radiation and transgenic technology. And take full note of the breeding process. And the organic fish must live in the water free of pollution.

Catching fish in the Qiandao Lake! The Organic fish don’t need artificial feeding; they live in the lake freely. At the same time, Organic fish is also scavenges of the Qiandao Lake and playing an important role of protecting the water in Qiandao Lake. 11 million fingerlings will be cultivated in Qiandao Lake every year. When the fish grow above 5 years and 4 kilograms, it can be cashed.

I firstly knew that the fish can not only to be eaten, but also can be used to painting. Gyotaku is a skill to rubbing the fish on the paper by ink and pigment. At first, it is used to take note of the size of fish as a souvenir, and it develops as art afterwards.

A bell tower which near the Qiandao Lake.

The dinner today would be had on this ship called Qinyuan No. 9.

The Fish was coming and tasted good. I like to eat the tofu in it.

The chicken soup is also delicious.

Fried tiddler is crisp, but you need to take care of the fishbone.

The shrimp is delicious, but you need to take more time to eat.

Bubble pepper fish maw is very delicious.

Staying on the boat, with delicious food and the wonderful show, I was so excited!

We continued eating fish next day!
We arrived at Wulong Island!

The Qiandao Lake is also rich in bamboo shoots.

Here Comes the fish head soup.

I found that much food in Qiandao Lake is spicy.

Steamed fish!

You also need to take care of the fishbone.

I really wanted to eat this bowl of noodles, but I was full.

The fish head soup!

Let’s start!

I had one bowl of soup!

I forgot the name of this food.

Fiddlehead is the green food. It was so fresh.


The sauté fish maw is very delicious!

It seems that there are many people will stick the fishtail on the door of kitchen.

Wo Wotou is made of roe!

This food means a good harvest! It is so special!

We had breakfast in InterContinental Hotel. And then had lunch in a local restaurant, eat many local food. It is a pity that I got a cold, so I hadn’t took photos later.


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