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Ecological Beauty of Hongjiannao Lake

 2014-06-29    Young    Sights    Shanxi    2101  

Hongjiannao belongs to the high altitude inland sea with a stable water level. It's the largest lake in the Shanxi Province, and is also the largest desert freshwater lake in the country. The whole lake is in triangular form with the total shoreline of 43.7 kilometers, about 10.5 meters at the deepest part. Its mean depth of water is about 8.2 meters and at an elevation of over 1,100 meters above sea level.

The most beautiful view is the wave sparkled in the sunlight, swayed in the breeze is exuding the ripple. On the Hongjiannao Lake, the vast expanse of misty and rolling waters stretches far into the distance. The picturesque lake with an elegant environment and comfortable climate is rich in the grass and water that are full and flocks. It is accompanied by spectacular scenery.

It's the ideal entertaining holiday water park that has gathered together vigorous and wonderful sight of the prairie and the typical land that abound in rivers and lakes merging into one organic whole. The "nao" means pool or lake in the Mongolian language, which plays a very important role in the lives of the Mongolian people.

Hongjiannao was also known as the "Tears of Wang Zhao Jun" derived from the local and beautiful legend in the ancient China. People are saying that Wang Zhaojun who was a palace lady and was sent far from home and kindred to marry a Hun chieftain in those days. She would finally say goodbye to the Central Plains, got off her horse and turned again towards her hometown.

At the thought of the miles upon miles of remote native town from then on, a fear that his life would never come back to her country, she instantly felt thousands of wretchedness and extremely indefinable sadness. The sight that never fails to move her and set her thinking made her eyes water for seven days and seven nights, then the Hongjiannao lake covering an area of about 70 square kilometers is finally formed.

The Queen Mother was deeply impressed by the thing, and sent seven fairies come down to the human world, each of the fairies held one splendid belt and walked towards from seven different directions, then came the seven intermittent rivers flowing into the "Tears of Wang Zhao Jun" at the same time.

Hongjiannao is prolific in the production of a huge variety of fresh water fishes, totaling over 17 species, including the major cash fishes like large silver fishes, silver carp, grass carp and many more. The natural eco-environment of Scenic Spots and Historic Sites of Hongjiannao offered an ideal natural habitat for migratory and resident birds as well as ducks and waders.

Over 30 kinds of numerous wild birds had already lived and multiplied here. There are mainly the Mongolian Gulls that are under state first-class protection, white swans, cormorants, wild ducks and mandarin ducks that are under state second-class protection. It is fair to say that Hongjiannao wetland is the major tourist attraction for resting and reproduction of Larus relictus and migrating waterfowls. 

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