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Embrace Nature in Rizhao

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Well-known for its sustainability, it mandates solar-water heaters in all new buildings, which exactly explains its name “Rizhao”, which means “Sunshine”, to some extent. Rizhao city was recognized by the United Nations as one of the most habitable cities in the world in 2009, which means its charming is not limited to its sustainability.

Featured as a major seaport as well as a popular scenery spot, Rizhao is a good destination for hiking. Blessed with blue skies, brilliant sunshine, blue seas, golden sandy beaches and fresh air, visitors to the area may truly experience the fun of returning to nature. Rizhao features a major seaport, it serves as a site for loading and unloading iron ore and coal, so while you are walking and appreciating beautiful sceneries on the road, you may hear the special sound solely belonging to a seaport. The sound that a ship start its journey sends the message “journey started, and have fun” to visitors that are going to start their journey in Rizhao.

Outdoor activities are popular here. Beach volleyball, fishing and sea-bathing, sun bathing and even yachting. The Zoo, which is strategically located in the scenic area, emphasizes the concept of human beings living harmoniously with nature. This concept captures the essence of the city. Wanpingkou Lagoon is a natural port which has served as a center of commerce for dynasties. Wanpingkou means that ships arrive safely at the port, bestowing good wishes on people who sail from far away.

Wanpingkou Scenic and Historic Interest Area is a popular location for competitions. The World Sailing Championship was held here and in 2007, it was the location of the first China Aquatic sports meet. Located in the new district of the city, it is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination on China's golden coastline. It has moderate climate with an average temperature of 12.6C. Ideally located near the National Ocean Forest Park, it is in close proximity to Shanhaitian Holiday Resort (to the north) and Rizhao Arboretum (to the west). Continued attracting increasing numbers of visitors from home and abroad, it is a place with profound culture.

Another charming spot Shanhaitian Tourism & Vacation Zone locates in the golden ocean line in the northeast of the city. Lying in the deep and calm harbor, it is rich in negative oxygen and free of the industrial pollution and typhoon attack. It borders the base of World Sailing Championship in Wanpingkou in the south and National Ocean Forest Park in the north. It is a picturesque land blessed with fresh air, blue sea, clear sky and gold sandy beach. Environmentalists have honored it as one of the best places to live.

The 17.5 kilometers coastline extends linearly across the zone along which reefs and beaches are distributed. Many rocks have been carved into lifelike statues by sea such as "The Shrine Set Sail on the Sea" and "To Rein up the Horse and Listen to the Waves".

Along the coastline, there are plantations where locust trees, pines and poplars screen out the sun, forming into a splendid view. The nearby sea areas are dotted with countless islets. Visitors can take speedboats to pay a visit on the island.

Rizhao brings visitors a precious opportunity to embrace nature, and it’s meaningful for many people. Having fun in Rizhao!

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