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Embrace the Beauty of Dali

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Albeit being one of the strongest communist regimes in the world, China offers a lot to the tourism market. When the country opened its door to the rest of the world, people were so curious to visit this forbidden country. There was lot of rumors about the tough communist regime which just shattered like a bubble in the air. Tourist started flowing in to this beautiful country.

The first and foremost things that rush to any tourist’s mind would be the Great Wall of China, which is the only one man made structure that is visible from Moon. Apart from the hot spots that are being quite common to the outer world there are hundreds of other beautiful locations that are rich with its cultural heritage.

Dali is Waiting For You

These ranges that are close to Himalayas are quite color full with lot of orchid flowers and fruits in colors strewn around generously. The natives with pump cheeks are joyfully wrapped in hard color dresses are wonderful treat for the eyes. Dali is a picturesque location situated at the valley of Himalayas.It is situated at the southern end of the historic Silk Road. The Xihou Bai Minority village, Butterfly Spring and Three Pagodas are the main attraction in this place.Also, visiting Dali Ancient Town, Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake would be a beautiful experience.

Dali is a stellar example to show case how the Chinese cultural heritage has been maintained contrary to rumors that the communist regime all against the old civilization. The city is having deep root to Buddishm which is evident in every molecule of their life. The climate of this city is subtropical and the mean temperature is about 15 C. The city is always witnessed with strong wind and hence is known as “A City of Wind”.

The Joyful Butterfly Spring

This spring is like a pool with 20 square meter wide and 4 meter deep. This is 30 kilometer north to Dali. The spring is crystal clear blue in appearance. Butterflies descent in to the silk trees and breed which is a colorful experience to watch as they dangle from the trees like a colorful ribbon. The sights of the dangling butterflies like strings are so beautiful to watch, and this congregation is hilarious.

Cangshan Mountain

Diancang is the other name for Cangshan Mountain. This mountain appears like a projected screen wall and situated on the western side of Dali. The main peak in this mountain is Malong which is 4,122 meter high. Cagshan Mountain has a botanical garden with lots of trees and plants. Tourists with trekking skill can definitely explore the possibilities.

Dali Ancient City

The ancient city Dali has more than 1000 year rich history. The old buildings have lot of untold stories. Gray tiled roofs, well carved pictures of dragon on the door and windows are seen in many of the old buildings. These are an evidence for the classic history of Dali. The city was believed to be built during Ming Dynasty.

Erhai Lake and Erhai Park are another beautiful location one must visit, while touring this area. The lake is 400 Sq Km in size and is an amazing experience to watch as it situated on the top peak of the hill. The valley is a cradle for adventurous tourists!

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