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Enchanted Mount Tongling in Zhejiang

 2014-09-27    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1526  

Mount Tongling National Forest Park is situated on the Wencheng County in Zhejiang Province, the upper reaches of Yanmen Grand Canyon and within the territory of Yesheng forest farm, running for about 5 kilometers, with an area of 2,755 hectares. The scenic spot is blessed with over 10,000 hectares of original secondary forest, which is also the best preserved broad-leaved forest in the southeast of Zhejiang Province.

The place is most famous for the pothole spectacle formed by the rushing torrent for millions of years in the Tongling mountainous valley. Mount Tongling National Forest Park lies to the western part of scenic resort and historic site of Baizhangji, which consisted of three large scenic spots including Tongling mountainous valley, small Lake of Immortals and Tongling stockade village, with the altitude of about 800 meters above sea level.

Even on a hot day visitors still need to wear thin clothes during the daylight, and tuck the thin cotton quilt during the night. Within the scenic beauty of wooded mountains, deep and serene gorge, the murmuring stream and waterfall, dense groves of tall bamboos and proliferating plants, marvelous flowers and rare plants and wild animal fauna, the beauty spot is especially well-known for the pothole spectacle, which is unparalleled in China and can be ranked as the scenic masterpiece, with forest coverage reaching 95%.

The air was very fresh and sweet, particularly rich in negative ion and a wide variety of bactericidal pigment, which was also very conducive to physical health and got a dual efficacy of invigorating your vitality and body building. Mount Tongling Forest Park is an ideal resort for touring and sightseeing, exploring and seeking novelty, leisure and summer, forest bathing, which is unfolding its attractive bosom and welcoming the people from all circles to come.

Zhejiang Province has always been famous throughout the country for its charming waters and mountains, among which the natural scenery in the southern and eastern Zhejiang is especially of enchanting beauty. Mount Tongling is just the little-known scenic resort and historic site with the unique and beautiful landscape. Mount Tongling is hidden among the lofty mountains and high ranges that is only 40 kilometers away from the west of Wencheng County.

The singular charm of Mount Tongling can be summarized in two points: one is the very attractive and seductive forestry plank road; the other is to Huxue Waterfall peculiar to the whole country. The forestry plank road runs for over 500 meters, the air was impregnated with the fragrance that emitted from trees through the forest. All the way to the plank road is going up and down like a Yo-Yo, twisted and turned through the forest.

Here visitors could listen to the chirping of birds and hum of insects, appreciate the fiery leaves, the special and unique pleasure and delight suddenly rested upon visitors' features. Blessed with the mild climate and four distinct seasons, the scenic spot is adaptable to the growth of various wild animals and plants. 

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