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Enchanted Tiantangba Scenic Spot

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The famous Tiantangba scenic spot is at the source of Dacao River. It adjoins to the Yinjiang Valley tourist resort in Xishui County, Guizhou Province. The famous Tiantangba scenery zone runs for about 30 kilometers. Within the scenic beauty of gorgeous scenery and lush vegetation, the paths wind along mountain ridges and one can easily get lost.

The old trees and dead wisteria in a tranquil and secluded setting were profiled against the pale sky. Graceful sky-kissing ancient trees graced the landscape, and a fine view of the scenic spot skyline could be observed in the distance. There're numerous species of the rare plants and animals within the scenic area. Tiantangba scenic spot also boasts exceptional topographic features of grotesque peaks, rich resources of protophyte, rare flora species and rare wild animals.

As the main scenic part, it also combines rare wild plants including Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Alsophila spinulosa, perforated homoharringtonine, tulip tree, Ormosia hosiei and maidenhair tree. The place can also preserve for the long-term many rare and precious animal species including Panthera pardus, grey deer and many more.

The famous scenic site within Tiantangba scenic spot is harmonious combination of red rock of Danxia landform and green endless forests that complement and set each other off. Danxia landform with unique topographical features like reddish sandstone has been given more widely attentions for its great tourism value. The green mountain ranges stand up and fall.

The scenic spot with dramatically different landscapes boasts its intercrossing rivers and streams, remote mountains and ancient trees and cascading waterfalls. A walk through Tiantangba scenic spot will reveal the spectacular waterfalls by the dozens. The most spectacular waterfalls inside is Daludong waterfall, Dongping waterfall and Tiantang waterfall. These sceneries have created one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

These waterfalls of all shapes and sizes poured down upon the lake. The sky is overcast with smog. Veiled behind a light haze, the waterfall now could create a boom that reverberates for miles in the scenic area. It is indeed a site of spectacular grandeur too, like silk curtains dropping perpendicularly down. The climate is cool and the air fresh and sweet.

Visitors could paddle at the water's edge of mountain streams with limpid water. Surrounded by the tranquil mountain path into the depths of the shady grove, you could sing aloud in response to unclouded azure skies and vibrant newness of the green growing all around. The overhanging cliff thrusting itself towards the sky could make visitors think back with emotion on what had once happened in days of old.

It's exhilarating to climb mountains on a bright and clear day and go rowing on the placid waters in wet weather. It should be a great enjoyment to gather a handful of dewy flowering azaleas early in the morning, catch a basket of fresh and live red crabs in the middle of the day, burn a bunch of immense campfire in the evenings, their happiness knows no bounds. Visitors could savor the pleasures of mountain life to the full. 

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