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Enchanting Beauty of Lake Lugu

 2013-11-12    Selina Ou    Sights    Lijiang    2672  

It’s hard to say what attracts people to Lugu Lake. The beautiful lake with attractive scenery, the mysterious of Mosuo people, the ancient cultural customs, the hot bonfire, songs and enthusiastic dances, special local flavors... Not one of them, but for all of them. 

Lugu Lake is located between Yanyuan County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province and Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, Lijiang city, Yunnan' Province. It is convenient to take bus to Lugu Lake whether from Yunnan or Sichuan. Lugu Lake is known as “ The pearl of Plateau” with an area of 50 square kilometers, altitude of 2690 meters and a maximum visibility of 12 meters. People living alongside Lugu Lake are mainly Mosuo people, known as the “Country of Women” who has been one of the few remaining matriarchal societies left in the world.

To find out the beauty of Lugu Lake, morning is a best time to enjoy. Standing in front of Lugu Lake, you may loose your words but enchanted by its beauty and charming. Peaceful and quite, Lugu Lake lies there like a sleeping beauty, you would not want to disturb her sweet dream. The water is blue, also green. Blue in the distance like the color of sky and sea, but green near your sight like emeralds. But there is no boundaries between blue and green, they are born to each other. Far away where the lake goes closer to the sky, mist and clouds lingers. This whole picture like a fresh ink-wash painting, holding your breath. But you could not stop taking a boat to find out what’s in the islands which scattering among the lake.

In the southeast of Lugu Lake, you see a sea of reeds growing there, densely and freshly. This is actually the heaven for many aquatic animals and plants. What’s interested is taking a zhucao boat, which is a specially made boat by Mosuo people, wondering among dense reeds and enjoying water birds and wild ducks playing in the water. Suddenly you hear melodious folk songs, then you see Mosuo girls pop out in a boat from somewhere in the grass sea, wearing beautiful red clothes. white dress and big smiles. This is such a pleasant time.

As Mosuo people stills live in a matriarchal society, they keep the custom of Walking Marriage. There is a specially wooden bridge, more than 300 meters long, built across grass sea for the convenience of connecting and dating between walking marriage people.

Mountain of the goddess, is the highest mountain at Lugu place. The mountain is the embodiment of goddess who protects Mosuo people living in Lugu. This is why Mosuo people come to worship goddess at this mountain every year among the Zhuanshan holiday. If you want to get a whole view of Lugu Lake, take the cable car to Mountain of the goddess.

Except rainy nights, there are bonfire parties every night at Mosuo village. Mosuo people are very good at singing and dancing. It is said that Mosuo people know 72 kinds of dances, this is amazing. Among which Jiachuowu is a kind of popular and classic dancing among Mosuo people. Join them at the campfire party, getting to know their happiness, culture, customs and wishes.

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