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Enchanting Heiyu Lake in Heilongjiang

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Heiyu Lake got its name because it was prolific in the production of the Snakehead fishes, which was located at the northeastern side of Daqing city in Heilongjiang Province, about more than 20 kilometers away from the main urban area, at the junction of Anda city and Lindian County in Daqing city.

In order to solve the oilfield development underground flooding and part of water for agricultural irrigation in the 1970s, the northern project of diverting the water from Nenjiang River had been set up. And local people had built Heiyu Lake into reservoir to be the important water source. Heiyu Lake was one large plain reservoir that had significant impact on flood safety and water supply around Daqing city.

Heiyu Lake with spacious water accounted for a total area of about 60 square kilometers, about the same as that of ten West Lakes in Hangzhou. The surrounding wetland landscape was striking and picturesque, which was also overgrown with the water-plants. Huge numbers of seagulls in the distance flocked together by the lake.

The lakes of all shapes and sizes with pools dotted crisscrossed rivers and fertile soil. The environment was very natural. The ecological environment was also primeval. Dozens of rare and precious birds inhabited the lake. The lake with large bodies of water was richly cultivated with over 40 kinds of wild fishes. The smooth surface of the Heiyu lake is quite spacious and natural.

The on-water amusements including riding on a raft, sailing, racy speed boats and luxuriant yacht as well as the sightseeing around the lake were restful to the spirit. Visitors could also feel the verve of the sea without leaving Daqing city. There were luxuriant tree groves, land and water landscape that adds radiance and beauty to each other in the compound.

Surrounded by the natural wetlands, crowds of seagulls and the thick water-plants, the beauty spot would make you feel a kind of quietness, a kind of natural interest. The garden that pursues the harmony of man and nature could be the ideal place for vocational recreation, restaurants and places of entertainment, tourism and sightseeing as well as conference reception.

The park had gathered lodgings, dining and recreation merging into one organic whole. The entertainment items like playing soccer on green grass, beach volleyball, appreciating the water lilies and fishing in the wild would make people experience the cool summer in a sound and beautiful environment. Heiyu Lake was once reputed to be of the southern land of the north, the head of natural lakes and the green recreation capital.

The place is fertile in a wide variety of fish and shrimp, only the snakehead fish had the fresh and tender flesh. Because people had a vehement hatred of the snakehead fish, villagers around Heiyu Lake continuously prey on the snakehead fish. Step by step, the dainty fish had become famous, thus people gave the name to the lake as Heiyu Lake. With beautiful myths and legends adding to the allure of the interesting sights, Heiyu Lake could leave a lasting impression on visitors. 

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