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Enchanting Shijiu Lake in Jiangsu

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Shijiu Lake is the boundary lake among the Lishui District and Gaochun District in Nanjing, Dangtu County and Bowang District in Ma'anshan. It's also known as the North Lake. The lake itself has dimensions of roughly 207.65 square kilometers. The Gudangyang Lake differentiates into the Shijiu Lake. "Song of the Fishermen of Shijiu" is not only one of the eight ancient scenic sights of Gaochun District, but also one of the forty scenic sights of New Jinling.

Shijiu Lake is closely allied to the Qinhuai River. Before the Ming Dynasty, Rouge Hill in southwestern Lishui County is the watershed between Qinhuai River and Shijiu Lake. The water in the northern Rouge Hill belongs to the Qinhuai river system while its south Shijiu Lake that is pure and natural freshwater lake. The lake is prolific in the production of fish and shrimps, waterfowl, seed of euryale ferox and many other aquatic products.

The lake has historically been the source of sideline revenue for the village members along the lakeside. After Li Bai the renowned Tang Dynasty poet has travelled extensively in the region, and once wrote a highly readable poem to praise and describe the beauty of its natural scenery. People described the charming and graceful bearing of Shijiu Lake in four poetic words "Song of the Fishermen of Shijiu" that is too mild a term to convey the idea.

Here, you can feel the beautiful fairy tales of Shijiu Lake and experience the beauty and quietness of the Shijiu lake. The story is going about that Shijiu Lake is originally one beautiful city called Shijiu City. The magnificent place resembling "retreat away from the world" is certainly fascinating and enchanting. Every family in the city lived and worked in peace and contentment.

Local residents often help each other and enjoy good fellowship with their neighbors. The whole town lived in harmony and happiness. Unfortunately, the Goodness may not be unwilling to see this scene, and ordered the heavenly generals and their troops to let heavy buckets of water out, then the whole Shijiu City and poor villagers were all overcome by the deep waters. Overnight the whole Shijiu City was now turned into a large lake.

There's one village named Wujiazui also known as the first village in Jinling on the south bank of Shijiu Lake. Rows of cottages were built along the lakeside. Every household had the spacious court-yard, the modern and rambling village cluster and the beautiful Shijiu Lake constructed a beautiful picture. The lake was rich in water caltrop and lotuses that cover the whole surface of the lake. Water lilies with crystal drops dripping from a dozen lotus buds dotted the surface of the lake.

Today it is no exaggeration to say that Shijiu Lake is an ideal place for people in modern city who want to inhale the fresh air and return to nature. Shijiu Lake with a sweeping view of the landscape is no doubt the great tourist spot that holds out the greatest attractions to the sightseers. 

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