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Enchanting Yunlong Lake

 2014-04-22    Young    Tours    Jiangsu    2714  

Yunlong Lake is the southwest of the Xuzhou City zone in Jiangsu Province. It is one of the major national scenic resort and historic sites of Yunlong. Situated at the northern foot of Quanshan Mountain, it faces Mount Yunlong to the east, the west depends Mount Tianqi, in the midst of magnificent natural scenery.

It's surrounded by the mountains on three sides, and by the city on the other side. Such a special topographical feature has been described as "On three sides are cloud-capped mountains, on one the busy town." Yunlong Lake has the fresh air mixed together with beautiful mountain and crystal water.

The beautiful place that is sheltered on three sides by high mountains that look emerald green, is harmonious combinations of green mountains and the silk-colored water in the Yunlong Lake that complement and set each other off. The water surface area of Yunlong Lake is 5.8 square kilometers, with a road built in the middle, which is said to resemble a clear jade ribbon, could stretch itself through the green and luxuriant hills and cut the lake into the eastern and western parts.

Yunlong Lake is the symbol view point of Xuzhou City, as well as beautiful natural landscape second to none. It is quite attractive by its picturesqueness. Yunlong Lake is blessed with a very beautiful natural landscape with green hills and mountains. Sailing a boat in this lake early in the morning or late in the afternoon, one who steers his boat on a river as fascinated with the surrounding landscape could appreciate the gorgeous site and its reflection in the shimmering limpid lake. While the boat makes it way in this pictorial world of Yunlong Lake, travelers cannot help but marvel at the breathtaking wonders of nature.

From a functional standpoint, tourist attractions in Yunlong Lake could mainly engage in aquatic activities like boating, swimming, or other water-related sports, and sightseeing is no exception. Visitors always decide to sail the smooth lake in the large and open pleasure boat, and reclining in lazy luxury under the awning of the after-deck.

It should be one wonderful experience to take a boat tour on the lake to enjoy the beautiful night view of the Yunlong Lake. The light and contours of the beautiful moon in the sky were fresh and sharp, gradually standing out against the night scene of the Yunlong Lake. Mist clung there among the bluish tree shapes, beyond range of the colorful lamps that are installed on the mid-lake island.

Yunlong Lake used to be known to the world for the eighteen scenic sights on the lake such as Ten Thousand People Swim Together, Fishing on the Lakeside, Apricot Flowers Blossom in the Spring Rain and many more. It should be wonderful, sitting by the lake side angling. It's a perfect vacation spot, and there is a big fishing pound nearby that has more than 200 fishing seats, here you can fish to your heart's content. The scenery of Yunlong Lake is too beautiful to be absorbed all at once! 

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